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1st off....
Horoscope: Today you could have some interesting moments of psychic intuition, Stephen. You're always good at picking up on other people's energy. Sometimes you can anticipate what someone is going to say or sense what emotions they are feeling. Today this ability could be heightened. If you pay attention, your intuition could serve you well. You could pick up on some undercurrents in your work place. Don't be afraid to play detective and sniff for clues!

Hahahah...has "Laura" been giving him clues...tune in next week to find out!!

Horoscope: You may find that your heightened sensitivity gets you into trouble today, Amanda. It could be that the more you try to pin down a specific answer from someone, the more resistance you run into. Don't expect a straight answer from anyone; otherwise, you will meet with disappointment. People are apt to be flighty or forgetful. Try not to take anything too seriously on a day like this.

Will Amanda ever get a straight answer out of Jesse? We doubt it....

You shouldn't try to fight the feelings that run trough you today! Don't even try to rationalize them! These feelings are probably related to emotions dating back to your childhood. You shouldn't try to avoid them and don't even think about analyzing them. There will be a lot of turmoil welling up within you, dear Virgo. You should therefore try to find some peace and quiet in the arms of someone...

Is Margaret Jesse's someone...we think so.

Okay...that was fun...don't you think?

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