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*name: Amanda Jo
* nicknames: Manna, J-Lo, Girly Pants, Marla
* parents: I'm an alien child.
* age: 22
* birthday: 01-18-81
* eye color: dark brown
* siblings: three half sisters I've never really gotten to know
* how do you describe yourself: multi-faceted, moody, understanding, maybe even a little telepathic
* what's your sign?: Capricorn

have you ever...
* fallen for your best friend? We're getting married at 30
* made out with JUST a friend? I've made out with a lot of people, so I'm sure at one time or another I have.
* been rejected? Can we say Jesse?
* been in love? twice now...love sucks...so does life without it though
* been in lust? I'm ALWAYS in lust, right Jess?
* used someone? Yes, but I cared about them too.
* been used? yes
* cheated on someone? A few times.
* been cheated on? Wow, this thing is NOT helping me take my mind off things is it?
* been kissed? Lots :)
* done something you regret? Dropped out of school.

who was the last person...
* you touched? Perry
* you talked to? Perry...but the last decent talk was with Paul.
* you hugged? Perry *this is starting to look bad*
* you instant messaged? Stephen
* you kissed? Jesse
* you yelled at? Jesse
* you laughed with? Stephen
* you had a crush on? Hmmm....Brandt
* who broke your heart? Jesse *duh*

do you...
* color your hair? I used to, not anymore.
* have tattoos? Not a one...
* piercings? My ears
* have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Hell no!!!!!!!!
* own a webcam? nope
* ever get off the damn computer? A lot less lately.
* sprechen sie deutsche? Ja, Ich spreche ein kleines Deutsch.
* habla espanol? Was bedeutet das?

* current clothes: Guy's pj pants and a blackhawks hoodie type thing *no, I don't like the Blackhawks*
* current mood: unsure
* current music: local news
* current taste: water
* current hair: down
* current annoyance: bug bites
* current smell: violet lotion
* current thing: moving
* current desktop picture: one of the pictures Stephen sent from Greece
* favorite band/group?: Cake
* current book: The Ultime Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
* current dvd in player: What DVD player? I have a DVD player?
* current worry: What the hell I'm doing with my life.
* current crush: Eh...for lack of a better one Brandt.
* current favorite celebrity: sandra bullock

* food: Pizza with tons of cheese
* drink: milk
* color:Yellow or orange
* shoes: My sandals that are still in NC *sniff sniff*
* candy: Snickers *that doesn't look right*
* animal: cows
* tv show: Scrubs
* movie: Girl Interrupted
* dance: Funk and jazz
* vegetable: Corn on the cob.
* fruit: Strawberries and mangoes

are you...
* understanding: I try to be
* open-minded: sometimes too much
* arrogant: not often
* insecure: more than I'd like to be
* interesting: I'm always interesting...just because of the drama that follows me around.
* hungry: Not really...but I'm a stress eater.
* friendly: It's fake
* smart: I've got them fooled into thinking I am.
* moody: How did you know my middle name?
* childish: I have some childish characteristics.
* independent: I want to be.
* hard working: When I'm working...yes.
* organized: moderately
* healthy: Lots wrong...but not really unhealthy.
* emotionally stable: On the outside.
* shy: depends on when you catch me
* difficult: very
* attractive: I'm "different, unique, original" so no...I'm just weird.
* bored easily: I don't think I've ever been not bored.
* thirsty: Not now
* responsible: getting there
* sad: getting over that
* happy: was happier a week ago *agrees with kianpepper on that one*
* talkative: always
* original: too much
* different: apparently so
* lonely: yes and no

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