Girly Pants (theater_chica) wrote,
Girly Pants

Wow...I haven't cried over me in a long time. I'd forgotten what a crappy situation I was in. I'm hoping this wasn't the weekend sharptongued1 is up here...because I really need to talk to him right now. Oh well...typical luck. I know that I can do something...I'm just so scared about getting there. I asked God for forgiveness again's been so long I forgot what it was like to let go to him. I have this feeling that this breakup/move is going to be the start of His plan for me...I hope so.

And in other news Jesse's in Madison Wags. If you see him beat the hell out of him for me would ya? *might want to stalk Anna's house or something* Just kidding. Fucking ass. Uggg...I detest him more and more every day. Why the hell would she go back to him? Who knows, who cares. She she's something I don't and if they are happy that's what's important.

Okay...that's all folks...laters.
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