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Sep. 30th, 2002

Ok...Jessica said I should do this 100 question thingy...so here goes nothing:)
100 questions...

1. How did I get so far in debt?
2. Why don't I care about getting out of debt?
3. Will I ever suffer consequences of being in debt?
4. Will Stephen and I even become more than online friends?
5. Will I ever get involved with anyone who I feel comfortable with?
6. Why can't I deal with Mike?
7. How can I let Mike down without hurting his feelings?
8. What can I do to make my parents proud of me?
9. Why do I care if my parents are proud of me?
10. Can I make my parents proud?
11. Why do I always feel like I need to be in the spotlight?
12. Is theater the major I should persue?
13. Should I stay at Nicolet next year or try to move on again?
14. Will I fail if I leave Nicolet?
15. Will I fail if I stay at Nicolet?
16. What is my bigger plan in life?
17. Will I ever have a family?
18. Did I have a family as a child or was it just people in my life with labels?
19. Do I want a family?
20. If I do, who do I want in it?
21. What's my favorite cd?
22. Why do I care?
23. Is the music I listen to a reflection of who I am or what I like to do?
24. Why has music played such an important role in my life?
25. Did I persue music just to please my parents?
26. Why do I enjoy being on stage and performing so much?
27. Do I feel I need to pretend to be liked?
28. Why am I proud of being an individual some days and others I'm embarrassed?
29. Should I dress up for Halloween at school?
30. What do people really think of me?
31. What would happen is terrorism won?
32. Does America live in fear?
33. How will I die?
34. Do my dreams mean anything?
35. What do they mean?
36. Do I have any true friends?
37. Who are they?
38. Do I have a purpose in life?
39. Will I ever reach my life goals?
40. Are what I think are my goals right now really the goals for my life?
41. Are my goals unrealistic?
42. What are my goals?
43. Why do I hide my true self?
44. Do I have what it takes to make it in acting?
45. Will I ever be able to live on my own?
46. Why did I become a cheerleader?
47. Do I live my life through other people?
48. Who?
49. What is my true relationship with my dad?
50. Am I upset he's leaving or releaved?
51. What will happen with Grandma now?
52. Am I a dork for sitting here doing this?
53. Is there an easy way to explain to people that you are bisexual?
54. Is there any way to control other people thoughts?
55. Why are popular people popular?
56. Where do I fit in in my family?
57. Do I want to fit in in my family?
58. Do I want to share my life with more people?
59. What role does Jessica play in my life?
60. Would I be a different person if I hadn't met her?
61. Why do I need drugs to be happy?
62. Why do I care about happiness?
63. Why is Ethics such a retarted class?
64. Why can't I come up with 100 questions?
65. What is my life lacking?
66. Is there anything I can do this minute to enjoy my life more?
67. What hidden meanings am I missing in everyday conversations?
68. Why did going to church make me feel good, even though I didn't believe what they were teaching?
69. Why am I hypocritical?
70. What faith should I practice?
71. Should I practice faith or go with destiny?
72. Am I able to have children?
73. Why haven't I had any?
74. Is it because I don't want them and am willing my body to not reproduce?
75. Why are men so obsessed with football?
76. Why are men inherrently dumb?
77. Why are so many of my questions about men?
78. Why are some of my friends men?
79. Why won't Jake give me a chance in his life?
80. Is he protecting me or hurting me?
81. Do I miss flirting with Jake or do I miss Jake?
82. Why do I dislike Andrea so much?
83. Why don't I go out?
84. Why don't I participate in "normal" 20-something activities?
85. Have I really lived life?
86. Do I want to?
87. Am I really a turtle who hides all the time?
88. What does my clothes say about me?
89. Why am I misunderstood?
90. Why do I have unconventional views on life?
91. Do I argue too much?
92. Do I always have to have my way?
93. Where did my self esteem go?
94. Why do I need to be reasured about everything?
95. Why am I a perfectionist?
96. Where did I get that from?
97. Can I chage it?
98. Can a person change who they are?
99 Why does it matter who you are?
100. Can't we just all get along?

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