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And the beat goes on....

So now I have two minutes to sit down and actually write an entry. I'm sure it's going to be fairly plain and boring...but oh well...so is my life so it's only fitting don't you think.

Moving back has been hard but wonderful too. I feel really terrible about leaving my dad and the cats:( I miss Zora more than anything after taking care of her while she was sick. And I feel bad for my dad because he's having a hard time with money and everything right now, but in a way it's better I left in that respect. One less mouth to feed and medicate. Being back here has been great. I get to see a lot of people I have missed, Jesse included of course. But others too.

We had a roommate when I got back. He left yesterday to stay in the Milwaukee/Madison area for awhile I guess before going out to the West Coast. I miss him...he was the best Brian yet *that's the running joke around here...I guess Jesse has lived with numerous Brian's* Might get to see him this weekend though if I end up going to Madison with the boys. Ugggg. I do not want to be in a car that long with Chris. Drives me bonkers sometimes. So yeah...roommate moved out.

Let's see...what else? There really isn't much to write about. It's nice to be able to be more selective with jobs and such I guess...don't HAVE to find work right away...although I'm sure Jesse's getting pissed at me. But my theory is it's better to find a job I will enjoy and stick with rather than doing retail or something like that and hating it and wanting to kill myself. It would be wonderful to have a job where I didn't dread the entire day...get headaches...yada yada yada. Oh well. If I don't find something reasonable in the next couple weeks I'm going to just start with the generic shit again. The job market was so much fucking better down there. *sigh*

Anyhow...I'm going to run off now...not really alot to bore you with.


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Sep. 28th, 2003 07:02 pm (UTC)
it's good to see things are going well for you! ((hugs))
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