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I've just come up with a great idea. I'm going to keep this journal and post all my surveys and quiz results in it. That way I don't have to clog up the new one *although I might post the really good ones there too* So yeah!! And of course if I'm typing here that means I'll probalby type the boring stuff of my life too...just not as much.

So...without further adu...

You are the STAG BEETLE. You're a stubborn chap, a
bit insensitive, with a tough hide and a
powerful manner. While some people try to feel
their way through a situation, you barrel into
a room, thrash about, and assess the scenario
based upon what's left standing. You're
adventurous, and the ultimate empiricist.
"Whatever doesn't kill me will probably
result in a funny story I can tell to friends
while drinking," you might say. You favor
first hand-experiences in lieu of second-hand
source material, which can cause you tilt a bit
in the direction of anti-intellectualism. You
need to accept the fact that the world's
complicated; you need other people's views to
supplement your own. It might make you a bit
more sensitive to the concerns of others, which
couldn't hurt. And please For the love of
civility, learn that there are some battles not
worth fighting. You dont have to lock horns.
We're convinced you're a tough character.

brought to you by Quizilla
Lion/Tiger Furry
Lion or Tiger Furry. ART COPYRIGHT TO: (Sara Palmer)

What Kind of Furry Are You? (with lovely images)
brought to you by Quizilla
Eagle Daemon
Your EAGLE DAEMON represents an unlikely
combination of fierce pride and remarkable
wisdom. Though widely admired, you can be very
distant at times, and like to stay out of
people's personal lives.

What Animal Would Your Daemon Settle As?
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you are all natural! good on you for being who you
are. YOU. you are you and society isn't damn
well going to change YOU so they can stick
their conformist haircuts up their

which Ani DiFranco hairstyle are YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla
I scored a 54% on the "How Minnesotan are you?" Quizie! What about you?</b>
In your past life, you were an Artisan
Your creativty and craftsmenship doesn't come from
nowhere. You used to be an artisan in your past
life, painting murals, sculpting statues, and
crafting wood for more noble people.

Who were you in your past life?
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picture of snake

brought to you by Quizilla
Hiding. You deal with your depression by wearing a
mask. No one ever knows your depressed, so no
one can ever pity you. On the outside you're
calm and collected. Inside, your blood boils...
But that's ok, as long as everyone thinks
you're normal.

How do you deal with your depression?
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Take the What Kind of Canadian are You? Test by lamaitresse!

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