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Today was a Holiday???

Coulda fooled me...

I didn't dress up. I didn't go anywhere. We don't get trick-or-treaters in the middle of the woods...so to sum it up today was pretty un-exciting. I am going to a dance tomorrow as a princess...I'll post pictures as soon as I get some taken. Jesse and Keegan didn't even do anything today...which is sort of shocking. They're both asleep in bad already. *sigh* Plus the $10 I scored for altering Chris's costume got eatten up by Jesse going to Rhinelander today...so I didn't even get to go BUY myself some Halloween candy. Fuck this year's Halloween...it SUCKED.

In other news...Oscar's *my old dog* is here for the week. I always love it when doggies come to visit me....makes up for being eatten by my evil kitty.

So if I didn't go trick-or-treating or partying what did I do today you ask. I worked on this!
It may not look like a lot of work...but you wouldn't believe what it takes to make that picture of me under my mugs be a blob. Lots of layers and lots of programs later...*sigh* I have one sticken picture up in my pictures link. I think tomorrow I'm just going to tackle a bio page and give the pictures a rest...it's time consuming.

And that's about it...happy Halloween everyone!!

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