Girly Pants (theater_chica) wrote,
Girly Pants

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The feeling of being absolutely fucking friendless totally sucks.

In other news I'm sick of living in a fucking dope house.
(and alcohol IS a drug...not the only drug...but it's right up there)

I'm sick of living with an asshole that cares for me not. *okay, so he cares. But I don't FEEL like he it's really a moot point*

He fucked up my one chance at a job today when they called for fuck him if he whines for money and not having things.

I'm in a VERY shitty mood as of late. I want to cry all the damn time. If ANYONE in LJ land would allow me to vent at them I'd really appreciate it. yahoo-theater_chica AOL-stnorbertsweetie

PLEEEEEEASE. I really don't want to bitch and moan on here because most of it isn't even's just all my damn rage building up:(
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