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1. Have a huge fight with your boyfriend right before you leave...shooting yourself with enough insulin to have an effect but to keep you alive...because you feel like you don't want to be alive but you also want the option of staying alive.

2. Realize that the amount of insulin was a little too much while falling in the shower. Procede to clean yourself and dress...all while crawling around on the floor because standing seems like too much.

3. Ask said boyfriend to run to the gas station and buy a soda with the change you can scrounge up.

4. Drink enough to bring your sugar back up. Feel slightly better.

5. Get in the car and go to work.

6. Have a normal training experience for about an hour...start to feel lightheaded.

7. Go to car. Drink remainder of said soda.

8. Go into bathroom for fear of puking. Sit. Feel better. Go back to front desk explaining that you think this may be more than a sugar problem. Decline offer to go home. Be a trooper...stick it out.

9. Run to bathroom...puke.

10. Go home...only to feel FUCKING FINE NOW.

Fuck this shit...is it an omen or what????


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Nov. 10th, 2003 06:23 am (UTC)

i don't really know what to say, but know that if you ever need to bitch/rant/talk, just IM me, and i'll be here for ya :)
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