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Right...so I worked last night. Thank GOD someone was with me or I would have lost it. Sam *the bartender that's leaving in a few days* always closes the bar early...so all the drunks that are sitting there all cozy have to pass the front desk to leave before I can get into the back with all my paperwork. So drunken moron comes up and wants me to go to the bar with him across the street and grab a few drinks and god only knows what else. Doesn't seem to understand I'm WORKING. Concept!!! So he FINALLY leaves to go to the other bar...and stumbles back in at two fifteen or so. Good thing we thought to give him a spare key before he left...otherwise we'd have been escourting drunken guys back to their rooms and locking them in *we only have two keys...so if they leave and can't get back in it's TECHNICALLY not our problem until the management gets there* Yuch. I'm sure it's going to be a really huge problem in the summer though...I should get used to it now.

In other news Jesse is being an ass. He just fucking left...no clue where to. Didn't leave a note. He better fucking be back by the time I have to go to work or, in the words of Nicole, heads will roll!!!

I think that's about it. Nothing else exciting is going on.

Oh yeah...found out yesterday that I'm allowed to use the internet at work and I get free soda...bonus:P

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