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So yippee skippy...I figured out how to get online at work. But one I know is online or up this late or after posting this I'm going to go sit in the lounge and read! Yay for the graveyard shift!! Anyhow...things went pretty much okay tonight. I had some guy call in for a reservation and I forgot to get a couple codes, but if that's all I forget everything will be okay. The deposits went fine and that's what I was truely worried about. Anyhow...Jesse was really sick when I left the house. Puking and everything:( I didn't want to leave but I really don't have much of a choice. He's been shaking and puking and everything. I hope it's not nerves. Even if we don't stay in the place we have now we have tons of time to find a new place *I'm almost hoping we find a new places...I really don't like the one we're at all that much. Granted it is a nice house...there's just so many things we're paying for that we don't really's silly* I know he's very stressed out about it and I try not to bring it up...but I can't help but wonder. At least I don't have a lot of stuff to move and I have money for my own place *for storage at the least* if it does come down to that. Which it more than likely won't. Me worrying about stuff that doesn't need to be worried about yet. Typical of me.

And in other news...I think I'm going to go lounge with a book, clean the front door...and wait until 5:30 to go start coffee!!!


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