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A few things I forgot in my last post.

Yesterday sucked!! I had dropped Jesse off at Ace Hardware to buy some stuff, and then I went to the bank to start a checking account. I go in and then they tell me I have to go to the OTHER branch because they don't have a personal banker at the one I was at. Fine. So I get and in the car and the damn thing doesn't start. Doesn't make a singal noise. So I'm like fuck this and I start walking. *mind you...it's about 28 degrees, snowing, and windy as fuck outside* I stop and CALL Ace and explain to Jesse what's going on and he doesn't respond. Just sits there...so I ask what do you suggest I do? "Well I don't know." I tell him fine, I'm going to keep walking there...do whatever the hell you feel like. So I'm about a half mile from there and see him on the other side of the road. So we walk back. Apparently he has a super dooper battery on his car *all because he didn't want to by the proper battery at wal-mart* and so every now and then the connectors pop off and of course then the car won't start. So after I cash my check at the bank *after telling them WHY I'm back and didn't go to the other branch to start an account* we went to Ace to pick up the shit he bought, we out to eat pizza, and then went home. So it really wasn't that bad of a day...it just started out really shitty.

I got to chat with an old friend Ian the other day. It was fun. I hope he gets ahold of me when he comes up next. I miss him. He was my best friends and "boyfriend" all through elementary school and part of middle school. He moved right after we got into high school:( It sucked. He did go to our junior prom though and danced the last song with me:) The only time I danced at either prom I went to. :) Made my day. Well other than sloshing around with all my buddies...but that doesn't count. *sigh* There are so many people I miss. And there are others that I'm sick of and just want to disappear. Ugg...five years since I've been in school...no five year reunion though. At least that's what I've heard. But that was to be expected...I mean really? Ken organizing something...RIGHT. Good one.

Anyhow...I'm done updating and boring you all for now. If anything else comes up I'll be the first to let you all know:P



Nov. 26th, 2003 09:52 am (UTC)
Yeah...I only went to the two proms, my juniour and senior year. I got asked my freshman year but I was way too intimidated to go. For the most part I found them just like all the other dances...sit around and talk to people. Only this time it was $30 instead of $5 :P

I can't wait for a good snow either. The deer hunters ended up getting a little here...so that was good:) Now all we need is some serious storms for the snowmobilers and we're set:)

And there's really not too many problems *at least at the time of this entry there wasn't* Just a sucky thing to have to walk that far in the snow is all:)

Have a good one!!


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