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Hope springs anew.

Recently revbri posted a few entries in a letter format. While these letters were written to himself, I realized that this format would work for some entries of mine too in a modified version. So I hope he doesn't mind if I rip off his style.

Dear Mr. J- in room #311,
Leave it to a man to make me look like a total idiot. Just when I get done writing about how there are no single guys who share any of the same things that I do you come along and prove me wrong. Granted, we've only talked on this one occasion but still, you give me hope there are people out there who may someday be compatable with me.

It was so refreshing to sit down and talk with someone about classical music, the place I grew up in, knitting and crocheting, just random bullshit. You were polite, not pushy, didn't come on to me once. Just had a nice conversation and that was that. Glad I could help out with the stuff you needed to hook up your computer. It's nice to help out someone who's polite and considerate.

That being said I should explain. Last night I got my paperwork done early and went over to the bar to talk with Sandie for a little while...she was sort of busy so I introduced myself to the few guests that were sitting at the bar having a few drinks and went back to the desk to work on the afghan I'm making. A few minutes later a guy from the bar was on his way to the bathroom and stopped and asked about what I was working on. I grabbed the picture and showed him and we had a little chat about crafty stuff and yada yada yada. I got sick of crocheting and headed back over to the bar. There were a few empty seats so I grabbed one and waited for Sandy to get a free moment. Turns out I sit near said guy. *We'll call him Mr. J-* Turns out he used to camp in Star Lake *which is basically where I grew up* and was planning on visiting today *which would have been tomorrow then* and needed directions and stuff. Also turns out he went to the same high school as Sandie did, but that's neither here nor there. We talked about radio stations, school, jobs, just random stuff. He needed a phone cord to hook up his computer so I fished around and found one for him. It was refreshing to just have a nice conversation. Bought me a soda *I told him to just put a few extra bucks on Sandies tip, we get all the free soda we can drink and she deserves the cash* for helping him out with the cord *I told him to just keep it...there are like six of them under the desk, no one's going to miss one* and it was just a nice relaxing time.

See...just goes to show you when things get down something happens to give me hope...grumble. :P

Just to clarify...I don't date guests. Before any of you start going and getting ideas. Just nice to chat with someone for awhile who isn't your typical northwoods jerk. Then again, he's from Milwaukee. Maybe there STILL aren't any decent guying around here.


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Dec. 18th, 2003 02:45 pm (UTC)
You know what i was just thinking about today? How we used to call our "crushes" "problems". Man, we had no idea how much of a problem they could be, did we :P ;)
Dec. 18th, 2003 02:52 pm (UTC)
No shit.

Problems and pickles eh?
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