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I don't really feel like typing but I suppose I should. Saturday I had one of the best days ever. Ian and I went out for breakfast after I got off work and it was great. For those of you who don't know, Ian is a friend of mine that I went to school with up until sophomore year when his parents decided he wasn't getting good schooling and hauled him off to Viroqua. Anyhow he was up for a few days over Christmas and we decided to get together. We just basically talked about the general gossip and all the jazz, but hopefully I'll get to see him some more this year. He's moving down by Chicago soon so maybe I can get down there and go hang out...fun fun.

After that I went skating at Torpy Park for a few minutes and then went off to Jesse's house for their Christmas festivites. They opened gifts *everyone seemed to like what I got them* and then we all went to Tim's *that's Jesse's stepdad* brother's house and went skating there on the lake. They have a nice warming cabin and everything. The ice was a bit soft since it was in the 40's *boo hiss* so skating wasn't all that great, but it was still fun. Next time I go to Madison Anna and I are going to go skating down there! Yay! Shaun walked around on the ice with his new boots and Jesse and Tim just stood there. Then we took the little motor cart back up the hill and went back to Jesse's mum's and had Christmas dinner and then went home and slept. It was a great day.

I can't wait until new year's is over. Jesse is a total monster this time of year...plus there's a bunch of strange people in the house that I simply don't trust.

Jesse's been all fucked up on something or another every day for the past week. I'm getting so sick of it. That *for the most part* gets out of his system after new year's too. yay!! No more fucking drug deals in the damn house, major ones anyhow.

And that's about it. If anyone's bored and feels like chatting look me up.

Oh yeah, this was my FAVORITE *NOT* conversation of the day.

Me: Do you think maybe we could get a big long phone cord so I can go online too when you're using the computer.
Jesse: Sure, I guess, but can you do it between 11-7?
Me: *disgusted look*

I wonder if he even fucking REALIZES that I work five days a week...from 11-7?



Jan. 2nd, 2004 01:18 pm (UTC)
The very same. She works there *housekeeping...I never see her* and had a room for the night. Don't Die!!!! Happy New Year!!!

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