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Happy 2004!! I mean 1974!! No, 2004....who cares?


Work was interesting. No one too drunk came in. Three people in one room rang the bell a few times but for ligit stuff and they were very nice. Only one "please open the pool I'll make you rich request," and very few people coming in really late. Just a strange night. Nearly empty bar *the bartender left around two...good...let them drink somewhere else we said*. Really uneventful.

Not much going on...Jesse had his party last night but I slept through it. Got to work a few minutes late cause I didn't wake up on time. Blah blah blah...that's it :)

Hope you all have an excellent New Year!! To those that made New Year's post in your journal I return all the good wishes and happy thoughts. I'd post comments but I have to get to mum's annual poker party and all that jazz...I will hopefully catch up will you all later!!!

Bye bye for now!!!
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