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Spring Break 2004

Well, can I technically call it a spring break since I'm not in school? I guess...I got off work for it and it was *sort of* springtime.

So anyhow...I got off work Saturday morning at 6:00. Robert came in an hour early so I could catch my flight. The bakery doesn't open until six though so I had to run by and pick up and the stuff for the hotel. Jesse was SUPPOSED to pick me up at six and take me to the airport but he didn't wake up. I started calling at 5:15 and didn't stop until about 5:45, but called my mum and she ended up coming. Then the bakery which wasn't planned, and then back home because my suitcase was in the car that Jesse was supposed to come get me with. Anyway...ended up leaving for the airport about 20 minutes later than I had orginally intended. Jesse was asleep on the sofa when I walked in the door...didn't even have time to properly yell at him. Oh well...such is life.

Finally got to the airport about an hour before my flight. Thank goodness too because my luggage ended up weighing too much so mum had to run to Wal-Mart and pick up a duffle bag to throw half my stuff in and avoid getting charged a fee. *My luggage weighed too much on the way back too, but they didn't seem to care about that...less people on the plane or something maybe* on to MN/ST.PAUL on next plane to CIN just on plane to Raleigh just to Raleigh just fine. Shaun was at the airport to greet me *yeah* and we sat down for a few minutes while the baggage claim area cleared a little. We proceded to watch the SAME baggage twirl around the little cart for a good 15 minutes before I lost all hope and went to the claim office. Seems that although *I* made it to suitcases liked MN/ST.PAUL and decided to hang out there. So we got in the car with a little ticket and assurance that my bags would be on my doorstep that evening. We got to New Bern and I called the number they gave me and THEY told me that they hadn't even received a claim on my bags and that they would put it out. *this is around 11:00 mind you* Called again around 2:00 am and they said that they still hadn't found them and when they did they would give us a matter what time it ended up being. So we went to bed. We woke at about 11:00 the next day. No call. We called them. "Yes, your bags have been found. They are in CIN. We didn't realize you wanted them shipped here to Raleigh." Uh...HELLO???? They were put on a plane to Raleigh. We had to leave to go to Myrtle Beach. So we called Raleigh back and told them that when they get there they should just stick them on a plane for Myrtle Beach because we had to leave an hour ago to get there on time. So yeah...they did.

We left for Myrtle Beach *still no INSULIN...* and stopped to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe. VERY cool experience. It's built like a pyramid and then you step inside and see this HUGE stained glass wall of an Egyptian goddess. It was neat. Took pictures. Called Myrtle Beach airport and asked if my bags were there. THEY WERE!!! After more than 24 hours I finally had a suitcase. We ran by and picked it up and then went to the resort. It was nice. Small...but nice. *I personally don't understand how they got a five star rating...I suppose because of the golf course and all that junk on site that I wasn't interested in...but you know...I expected to at least have complimentary shampoo to take home* Got settled in for the most part and unpacked and all that good stuff. Then we went to bed because by that time we were ready for it.

The next morning we went grocery shopping and got WAY more food than we needed. We spent the rest of the day just goofing around...played at some *what later turned out to be shitty but at the time seemed cool* mini golf courses and took some more pictures. Watched a few movies that night and went to sleep.

Not sure what order the next few days went in. We played a TON of mini golf. There was one course that had dragons spitting fire out of huge castles, one that was completely based off of Peter Pan, on built into a hill with little tiki huts all around that you climbed up into and then the holes were inside the huts, one with moving dinosaurs, several jungle safri based ones, and one inside of a pyramid. And there were more but I can't really remember all of them without looking at the different scorecards. We went bowling one night and I fell flat on my face. They had just oiled the lanes and apparently they got some on the approach and well...I slid and cracked my knee...the bad one on the lane. It was swollen a little but didn't really hurt much. We also played pool on night at a regular pool hall. It was pretty neat. Pay by the hour sort of thing.

One day we spent in the actual city of Myrtle Beach. *Most of the stuff we did was either in Murrells Inlet, Surf City or Garden City which are all little communities around Myrtle Beach.* We went to the Ripley's believe or not museum, which was okay. Not anything really really cool. They had a rhino built out of car bumpers that was sort of neat and a few other things...but nothing outstanding. Then we went on a 4-D movie ride, which I must say was much more fun for Shaun since he can actually see in 3-D. See, the last time I went to the eye doctor I figured out the mystery. I don't have depth perception. Apparently 3-D movies don't work if you don't have depth perception. I've tried several times. Still doesn't work. Just looks like watching a movie with sunglasses on. The seats were powered by hydrolics I was moving along with the movie. It wasn't a total waste...but it was still at let down. Not sure if it's a let down if you can actually see in 3-D or not.

We went to the beach for half a day on Friday. It was nice to see the ocean but nothing really really neat. The water was freezing of course, and the sand is basicly crushed shells once you get down a few inches. Nothing like Flordia's beaches. But fun none the less. Besides, I bought a swimsuit and I had to wear it once while I was down there...right?

We also went through a thing they call Maze Mania. It's just a huge maze built out of wood and you start on one end and punch in a time clock. Then you try to find this block of cheese which gives you a stamp on your card and then try to find your way out the other end. It took us 39 minutes. We didn't run though, and we weren't very systematic towards the begining of it...otherwise I think we could have cut our time in half. But it was very very fun.

We went to the Pavillion...which is a amusement park. I got to go on my very first wasn't huge...but it was fun. I think I hurt my neck though. It's still a little sore after that. Very bumpy. We went on a ride that's sort of like Cowabunga at Noah's VERY wet. Didn't know this before hand though so I was soaked. I walked around in wet jeans the rest of the day. Took about three hours to dry completely. Shaun bought new clothes at the gift shop. I got a shirt and shorts...but ended up just putting on the dry shit. There were signs all over in the restrooms saying you weren't allowed to change in them and I didn't see a changing room anywhere. It wasn't so bad though. I just left butt prints on all the rides we went on after that. There was also your normal carnival rides, and a log flume. It was fun fun.

We went to Ripley's haunted house that same day. FUCKING SCAREY SHIT. By far the best Ripley's attraction there. Shaun and I went though with another chick that would have had to go by herself otherwise. It was CREEPY. Very much like terror on the fox if anyone has gone to that...only better. It's based off of the story of them GRIMsby and REAPer casket company and basicaly the elevator operator says she the last explorer left and she's not going back. Then you go up this rickety elevater and a caretaker greets you. She's gives you the rules and askes if you bought a flashlight. *we didn't...and we really think that's the wisest decision looking back...really...if you ever go you'll totally lose the effect...DON'T BUY THE LIGHT PEOPLE* She's cute. Then she tells you not to touch ANYTHING. *ignore're never going to get out if you don't feel the walls to guide you...just don't touch the obvious the props or the humans* She says not to touch they people and they won't touch you...blah blah. Then she pointed to Shaun and told him to go first and for the rest of us to grab shoulder and follow. Then they stick you in a dark tunnel. The other girl and I were determined that we were going to die if we touched anything...but as soon as you get through the come to a dead end except for a bunch of hanging bodies in bags. There's not another way to get through and if you back track it's probably even more dangerous. So we go though. There's a guy after that that explains he's a scientist and wants volunteers for blood...of course you don' he screams have some then and throws water *which by this time freaks you out...even though it sounds lame* and screams to get out. There's several more actors along the way, one in a dinning room that comes out of the ceiling. There's also and brige that a guy chases you over with a chain saw *blade removed of course* and several other creepy thing. The last level is just some really neat tunnel effects, spinning vortex and strobe lighting stuff...and then you're out. They say if you don't come out in a half hour they send someone to get you. If it was just me and the girl our plan we to just sit down until either someone with a light came along or someone came and got us. Thank god Shaun was was really cool and I'm glad I did it. There's no way I could have without him there though.

We also went to Ripley's Aquarium. Very nice. We didn't stay a long time but we did get to pet rays and horseshoe crabs and watch the dive show. We went through the moving walkway part and also checked out their Titantic exhibit. It's a very neat place and I wish that I had had more time to go through it. It's a really great place for kids. Lots of interesting stuff to see.

We ate at a really nice fondue resturant one night. *nearly $100 for both of us but well worth it* I think it was the best meal I've ever had in a resturant. They start with a cheese fondue, then a salad, then the main course which we had in a Carabian style, and then desert. It was simply WONDERFUL. I wish I could learn to cook like that.

We also ate at Planet Hollywood. Medicore food, medicore atmosphere. I definately would say go to Hard Rock if you have to choose between the two. Great waiter though. Ate at Mellon's, which is basically a Hooters. Just for entertainment's sake. Wasn't too shabby. Ate at Nascar Cafe. Don't go unless it's a race day. *it was* Neat experience but I'm not sure if it would be otherwise.

I think that's about it. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. If I am I'll write about it later.

ta ta
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