Girly Pants (theater_chica) wrote,
Girly Pants

I forgot to mention how wonderful Jesse was once I got back. I forget to write about all the good things that happen between us and I want to work on that some more. I need to focus on both the good and bad things in order to see the big picture more.

I called him from both the Raleigh and Cincinati airports and no one answered. I was a little worried but not too much since it was still early in the morning there and I figured he just wasn't awake yet. The last message I left said that I would call from MN and make sure he was up. When I called there was the most adorable message on the machine. "Thank you for calling Madeline Arts, where we have not forgotten about Amanda. Please leave a name and number and what your call is regarding and we'll get back to you later." Made me smile:)

I got to Rhinelander right on time. Jesse was there:) Yay!! I was complaining that I was hungry and he ran out to the car and produced a happy meal:) I love happy meals...I know...I'm weird. It's the only thing at McDonald's that I eat. Then we grabbed my bags...which were there thank Gods...and went home. And get this...there were FLOWERS at home. He hasn't gotten me flowers I was super dooper happy. Spent the rest of the afternoon together and all that jazz.

Tomorrow is our one year anniversary. We'll see how that
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