Girly Pants (theater_chica) wrote,
Girly Pants

A few things on my mind...

If I get called a poser or sell-out for being bisexual one more time I'm going to fucking scream. I mean...I was kissing GIRLS in thrid grade for christ sake. In fact...come to think of FIRST real kiss was with a girl. I want to be with a girl now. I think I might be losing all romantic attraction for guys. Who knows? I'm still confused sometimes about my sexuality...but not about the fact that I like girls. More about the fact if I do like boys.

I'm wondering what Shaun's intentions were over vacation. Not that he would try anything...but he was VERY close and cuddly and just not in a friends way. It wasn't weird...but it wasn't not weird either.

Hope things are working out for a_gothic_beauty She's having a crummy time and I want her to know to call me any time if she needs ANYTHING. I'll do whatever I can. *call the house if it's an emergency...I turn my phone off during the day*

I need friends. People my age *or close to my age* who relate to things I enjoy and what I believe. Here...I think it is impossible.

That concludes the Amanda rant :)
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