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1.) Name : Amanda Jo Keck
2.) Screen Name : theater_chica
3.) Location : Minocqua, Wisconsin
4.) Birthdate : January 18, 1981
5.) School : None currently...graduate of Northland Pines High School, tired St. Norbert College and Nicolet College for awhile...hated both
6.) Height : 5'9"
7.) Hair Color : Brown
8.) Eye Color : Brown
9.) In Your Free Time : Waste time online, crochet, play music, try to learn something new every day, play with animals, theater, musicals

10.) Favorite Book : Roots by Alex Haley
11.) Favorite Gum : Just plain ole bubble gum...like Bazooka
12.) Favorite Candy : Milk Duds, Nerds, Sweet-tarts
13.) Favorite Car : Mid-90's Dodge Neons...the ones that look like they are smiling
14.) Favorite TV Show : Scrubs I guess...although I don't get to watch much TV because Jesse is a Natzi. The only think I watch anymore is the Today show and CNN at work.
15.) Favorite Clothing to Wear to School : Interesting jeans and some sort of button down shirt or a tank top
16.) Favorite Color : Orange
17.) Favorite Computer Font : Comic Sans MS
18.) Favorite Conversation Topic : nothing too terribly intellectual
19.) Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream : cookies and cream
20.) Favorite Food/Drink: pizza and milk
21.) Favorite Guy's Name : Aaron or Colter
22.) Favorite Girl's Name : Kratznee
23.) Favorite Holiday : Halloween
24.) Favorite Inside Joke : Want some flowers of hope?
25.) Favorite Magazine : Time
26.) Favorite Movie : Fight Club
27.) Favorite Music Group : Savage Garden, Manheim Steamroller
28.) Favorite Piece of Clothing : My black yoga pants and my GAP hoodie
29.) Favorite Piece of Jewelry : The ring my mum got me when she got married...but I suppose since one of my loser ex-boyfriends wound up with it and I'll never see it again...I guess the silver ring with love carved into it in different languages.
30.) Favorite Place to Eat : Newest favorite spot: The Melting Pot...Holy mother of God was that shit good.
31.) Favorite Quote #1: "A witty saying proves nothing." - I forgot.
32.) Favorite Quote #2: "The most valuable and useful of all talents and abilities is that of never using two words or descriptions when one will do or suffice." I forgot again.
32b.) "I haven't been fucked like that since grade school." or "I want to have your abortion." -- Marla, Fight Club
33.) Favorite Season : Winter
34.) Favorite Shampoo/Conditioner : Alterna Life - Curls formula
35.) Favorite Smiley Face: The cow on yahoo.
36.) Favorite Soda : Diet whatever...root beer maybe?
37.) Favorite Song : Affirmation by Savage Garden
38.) Favorite Sport : Hockey
39.) Favorite Store : Wal-Mart
40.) Favorite Summer Activity : Camping with FRIENDS *not parents* or sitting by a bonfire
41.) Favorite Toothpaste : Crest whitening expressic...citrus blast *at least I think it's Crest*
42.) Favorite Winter Activity : reading, ice skating, skiing
43.) Favorite Word : Excellent or antidisestablishmentarrenism
44.) Favorite Vacation Spot: Myrtle Beach

45.) Absolute Best Friends of Same Sex: Jessice...der.
46.) Absolute Best Friends of Opposite Sex : Do we REALLY want to go there?
47.) Absolute Best Quality in a Friend : Understanding and ability to look at things with the same perspective as you yet let you down gently when your perspective is truely warped.
48.) Absolute Crush : Uwe...oh Milwaukee gods...bring him to me.
49.) Absolute Person Who Knows Almost Everything About You : No one knows EVERYTHING about me. Jessica would be closest I think.
50.) Best Advice Ever Given to You : "Leave him."
51.) Biggest Fear : Not living up to my standards.
52.) Dumbest Thing You've Done : Lied to my parents.
53.) Funniest or Most Desperate Thing You've Done to Get the Attention of Someone of the Opposite Sex : I really not the kind of person to go after someone like that...I usually sit and brood and if someone comes to me great...if not...oh well.
54.) Funniest Person You Know : Tommy V or Chris when he's just starting to get drunk.
55.) Fondest Memory of You and Your Friends : Ken Schelper's graduation party.
56.) Nastiest Person You Know : Amy Leet
57.) Silliest Thing You've Said : "You know, it's a shame all of my exboyfriend's were assholes. I really think I could be a great person if I didn't have to protect myself all the time." Well-I said it in a dream...it counts.
58.) Scariest Thing That's Ever Happened While With Friends: Nearly burning down the tent with Shaun in NC. That or the TV sparking at us and the toilet gurgling all night in Paris.
59.) Weirdest Food You Like : sauerkraut

60.) Last Book You Read By Choice : Um...some mystery novel
61.) Last Food You Ate : pizza
62.) Last Movie You Saw : Naked in New York
63.) Last Phone Number You Called : 367-2364
64.) Last Show You Watched on TV : the Today Show
65.) Last Time You Kissed Someone : before I left for work
66.) Last Time You Showered : before I left for work
67.) Last Time You Thought About Someone You Love : Whenever I was complaining about Jesse being a TV natzi earlier.
68.) Last Words You Heard : "I'm going home."
69.) Last Words You Said : "Drive safely."

70.) Things You Like in the Opposite Sex : Oh boy...:
1. Non-drinker *or only drinks occasionly and not till they are drunk.*
2. Non-smoker *of anything*
3. Compasionate.
4. Enjoys just being near one another without really doing anything.
5. Creative.
6. Enjoys sports *mainly hockey and soccer*
7. Supportive...
I'm going to stop here...there's too many.
71.) Things You Hate About the Opposite Sex : Don't think, sex-crazed, immature
72.) Thing You Want to Be Doing Right Now : sleeping
73.) Thing You Get Picked On Most About : My lack of quick thinking skills *and the fact that it's still hard for me to tell between my left and right without making the "L's" with my fingers*
74.) Thing You Most Regret : Quitting college.
75.) Thing You Say Way Too Much : Excellent, yup
76.) Thing You Want to Be Remembered For: Being a strong person who overcame a lot of crap and ended up okay.
77.) One Thing You Wish You Could Tell the Whole World : Stop being so damn petty.
78.) One Thing You Hope You Do Before You Die: Go back to Englad.
79.) Most Romantic Thing Someone Has Ever Done For You : Dave got me flowers at HIS solo and ensemble contest once...that was pretty sweet.

80.) Do You Have a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend? : Uggg...I guess. *Do I HAVE to keep him?* j/k...I love my hunny.
81.) Color Your Bedroom : Hiddeous blue wallpaper with little boquets of flowers.
82.) Color Socks You're Wearing : I'm not.
83.) Here's the Scenario --> You Curled Up With Someone Watching a Movie. Who is That Person?: OMG...Shaun? *here's where that I don't know thing comes into play a little bit.*
84.) If a Movie Was Made About Your Life, What Would It Be Named?: "Must You Call Me Marla?"
85.) Link to Your Favorite Website : www.yahoo.com I don't know???
86.) Number of Pairs of Shoes You Own : Way too many to count...probably about 30
87.) One Place You Want to Go Before You Die : London...again. New place? Egypt
88.) Person You Admire the Most : Mother Theressa
89.) Person You Got This From : revbri
90.) Size of Your Bed : California King
91.) Time and Date : 4:23 AM, March 30, 2004
92.) What Did You Do or What Are Your Plans for Today? : Sleep, pick up papers to complete taxes.
93.) What Do You Wanna Be When You Grow Up? : Something to do with performance. *theater or music or dance*
94.) Where is the Computer? : Barb's desk *I'm at work*
95.) What Kind of Chewing Gum are You Most Likely to be Chewing When You're in Somewhere?: Um? HUH?
96.) Your Theme Songs : Never There by Cake
97.) Are You Glad That This is Over?: Yeah...I have work to get done.

Thanks for visiting my LJ Cut:)

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