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One HAIL of a night...

Appoligies go out to pilot_down, but I couldn't resist. I simply MUST use that line as a subject.

As with most of my really good journal entries...I must go back. Back to when I was a nerd in high school and I'd sit in class listening to all these people talk of going to visit "the light." And me...sitting there thinking to myself, "What the hell is this light people keep talking about?" See, "the light" was reserved for the cool kids only. At any rate, it was reserved for people who knew what the hell it was and more importantly, where it was. I, knowing neither, just chalked this up to another one of those "cool kid" secrets and moved on with my life.

Well friends, I must tell you, I'm going to have battle scars from this damn light.

See...I've FINALLY met someone who knows where the light is. So...we made plans to go there tonight since trying to get schedules together is impossible. This also probably had something to do with our desicion to go whether it was nice out or rainy, thunderstorming, lightening, and well....just really bad weather.

There was a bad storm in ER earlier today I *I* figured that most of it had to have blown through by now. I was wrong. I got to Jason's apartment and we left for MI. I kept the radio on low so in case there were any weather updates we could hear them. Not two minutes into it there's tornado warnings for MI and storm warnings for everywhere. For some crazy reason we just ignored them and kept driving.

When we finally got there...I parked the car and we walked a ways down the path. There's a rather lange obstacle in the way...a creek. The last time Jason was there it was still melting so it wasn't as big and they could use stones...but there was no way we were going to get around it. We even climbed up a huge hill to see if we could get across farther down, but wisely decided against it. It was then decided that if we walked back and drove down the road a bit further, that there was a road you could walk down and connect to the current down and somehow going through all this you avoid the creek. So we did just that. This road is really muddy mind you, and it's a fair it was a bit of a journey...but we made it:) did the storm.

There was rain and lightening and thunder. It was wet...but at least it was a warm rain. The storm totally took away from the light's power though. But you could still barely see it through the fog. It was really cool to see the sky lighting up with the light barely coming through in the distance. Jason finally had the wise idea to go back, since after all we were standing under power lines and a tornado was supposed to be coming through. Not a good plan if you're planning on living to tell about your adventure. So as we head back, it starts HAILING. And this is no wimpy hail...this is golf ball sized hail.

Now...just for a moment...I would like you all to imagine huge chunks of ice falling out of the sky at you from God only knows how high up. I've been in hail storms....but never outside during one. I don't recommend it. There was virtually no shelter. Jason had a huge bump on his head and I've got a black and blue shoulder. Battle scars I tells ya!!

So after three or four minutes of getting beaten on...we walk back to the car. It seems MUCH further on the way back...probably because we're wet and walking on ice marbles. But much fun was had. Tea was made upon our return to warm up...and best of all...we are both still alive:) Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaw!!!

For those of you who have no clue what light I'm refering are a few links to quelch your curiosity.
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