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The following has been stolen from revbri

Abortion?: I don't believe in abortion as a form of birth control, but there is a place for it. I think in cases of rape and incest that a woman should be able to choose not to have a child that could cause her years of pain and misery. Also in medical circumstances where the mother's life is in danger I think legalized abortion is appropriate.

Death Penalty?: There is never a way of knowing 100% if someone commited a crime or not. Plus it costs more (by the time you figure in the cost of appeals and staying on death row for years) for the death penalty than it does a life sentence in prison.

Prostitution?: If two people are willing to pay/be paid for sex...that's their business. I just think that protection should have to be required.

Alcohol?: Honestly? I think that prohibition was a good idea. It's the most over abused drug in the nation and people just can't seem to use it responsibly. It's a shame, but the truth.

Marijuana?: While the affects aren't as great...I really don't think this should be legal either. I fucking live with potheads, and anyone who tells me it doesn't affect your life needs to come to my house for a week and observe.

Other drugs?: See above.

Gay marriage?: I'm all for it.

Illegal immigrants?: They are illegal for a reason. If I can't move to Englad or Canada without going through a bunch of shit, they shouldn't be able to live here without going through a legalized process either.

Smoking?: Out side only. Or if inside, in completely enclosed rooms away from non-smokers. It's just not fair to have my lungs invaded with smoke if I choose not to.

Drunk driving?: Anyone who drives drunk deserves to be shot to death and rot in hell.

Cloning?: I think there's a strong need for cloning in the medical field. I also can see where it could get out of hand and we could be trying to create a supreme race. I think cloning is something that needs to be seriously monitored...but in general could prove to be very helpful.

Racism?: Look at a person on a person to person basis. Let's not group people together or something that quite frankly, doesn't affect their personality or actions in the least.

Premarital sex?: If you're mature enough for it...go for it. I don't think it has anything to do with age either...it's a person by person thing.

Religion?: I prefer to be spiritual without feeling like I'm in a cult waving my hands around following something blindly.

The war in Iraq?: Let them figure it out for themselves and let us get the hell out.

Bush?: Two wrongs don't make a right.

Downloading music?: Maybe when buying music becomes affordable, I'll consider being against it. But right now I don't have a few hundred dollars a month to buy everything I'd like to listen to...and until someone stops me I'm going to keep right on downloading.

The legal drinking age?: If people simply insist on legal drinking in the first place, it should be 18. If you can vote, drive, serve in the military, I don't see why the government should say you can't drink. It's silly.

Porn?: It's an individual decision. I personally have nothing against it...but I think people should have the option of not being exposed to it if they don't want to be.

Suicide?: It's usually a very tragic thing. Most of the time it could be prevented if people only had the education to do so. I think it's upsetting to friends and family, but I can also relate to a person who commits suicide. I think that if a person has made an educated decision, and has tried alternatives, it is their right to take their own life. Who am I to say that you have to stay here if you don't want to be?

Thanks for listening.

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