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I'm thinking I'm going to end up hating my car. I also think Jesse's cleaning adventure of the garage my have left something sharp and pokey for me to drive over...which has created a giant leak in my rear passenger side tire. Not that it's a big deal...cheap to fix AND we have a nice clean garage. I can't complain there. I just wish Lloyd would come get his stuff so we could fit both of our cars in the garage. THAT would be a big plus as far as the house is concerned.

In other car news...I think my mother has decided that this will be a "I can hold this over her head for five years" deal...which I simply cannot deal with right now. Tonight she was all pissy because Perry and I were simply JOKING around saying she couldn't drive it and she shot back with "Well I'll just take it back then. She wouldn't have it if it wasn't for me." Which is partly true...but please? Can a 56 year old woman be any more immature?? She acts like a fricken three year old whenever things don't go her way. It's annoying as hell and I for one am fed up with her shit. I don't even want to look at the damn car anymore...I wish she WOULD just take it back. I managed without it...I'll manage again.

Thank Gods Sandie is here at work tonight helping the new bartender *who isn't going to be here much longer anyways but doesn't know that yet* with the paperwork. If I had to spend another hour over there explaining stuff I think I would seriously quit my job. I'm SOOOO sick of dealing with everyone elses shit. I'm only making $7.75 an hour...there's no reason I should have to deal with all this crap.

*amendment to last post* I'm only going to work, home, the grocery, and Jason's house for the rest of my life...pending Jason stays within a 150 mile radius of Minocqua, WI. :P

And um...that's about it for now. Hope you all are doing well!!!

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