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May. 2nd, 2004

*In The Beginning.....
Who are you: Amanda J. Keck
Where are you from: Wisconsin mostly
Birthday: 01-18-81
Are you tired of answering those same 3 questions in every quiz u take: yuppers...you'd think people would know this by now
Why did you decide to take THIS quiz: I'm sitting at work on Sunday night with nothing better to do I guess.

*How do you feel about.....
Homosexuals: More power to ya...
Heterosexuals: Sometimes they can be a little homophobic...but I don't really judge a person based on just one thing. I let each person prove themselves.
Bisexuals: My favorite...
Christians: As long as they aren't bible bangers...they're pretty cool.
Pagans: Nature is very powerful spirtually and I can totally relate to their beliefs.
Harry Potter fans: Harry Potter rules...but you can take it a little too far.
anime: There's a few series out there that are pretty good....but Pokemon can be dumped in the nearest incinerater. *even though it's more of a cartoon than anime...you get the idea*
Star Trek: I used to watch this late at night with my dad...good memories.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Never really got into it. I've seen a few episodes which were entertaining...but that's about it.
Friends: I was really into it in middle school...but I haven't really followed it for a few years now.
Will & Grace: I LOVE Deborah Messing...and the whole cast is just great. It's my second favorite show neat to Scrubs.
Religion: I'm not religious...more spiritual.
Politics: Blah...it's all the same crap.
Gay Marriage: See below
Straight Marriage: See below
Marriage in General: I guess dude...I'm really determined I'm never going to get married.
Monogamy: If that's what makes you happy...
Disney Movies: Pixar movies kick Disney's ass.
Diet Soda: That's all I can drink. *diabetes and all*
Music Piracy (MP3 File Sharing): LOL...um...it's not piracy...does that answer your question?

*Ooooh... Look at all the stars....
Is Christina Aguilera a slut?: No...but I can see why people say that about her.
Is Britney Spears a slut?: See above.
Did Janet intentionally let her boob flop out?: Yes...why else would she wear a little cover over it in the shape of a sun???
Did Michael molest those kids?: I don't know.
Did O.J. do it?: I don't know that either.
If you had to star in a same-sex love scene, who'd it be with?: Nicole Kidman
opposite-sex love scene, who would it be?: Heath Ledger
Who's your favorite actor?: Ewan MacGregor
Who's your favorite actress?: Nicole Kidman
Favorite Musician or band?: Cake
Favorite author?: Don't have one.
Favorite stand-up comedian?: Not really stand-up...but Jay Leno.
Favorite athlete?: Brett Farve
Favorite model?: Don't have one.
Favorite Talk Show host?: Oprah

*More about you.....
Are you single or are you taken?: Both...if that's possible.
What do you do in your spare time?: In bed sleeping or reading somewhere.
What are your creative outlets?: Poetry, singing, acting.
Do you have a webpage?: Kinda...www.uhmanduh.com
Do you read/write fanfic/slash?: I don't even know what this means.
What is in your CD player right now?: Cake - Fashion Nugget
What is the last TV show you watched?: Dateline NBC
What is the last thing u said out loud?: Luff.
last thing you ate?: Some yogurt I got from work.
last thing you drank?: A glass of milk.
What are you wearing right now?: Red cordory dress and nylons.
Do you sleep in the nude?: If there's no one else going to be home.
What do u lie awake thinking about at night?: I don't...if anything I just count.
How many pillows do u have on your bed?: Depends...anywhere from none to five.
How many things are there in you room that have to be plugged in?: OMG...ummmm...ten I think.
How long have u lived at your current place of residence?: About a year.
What (if any) jewelry do u always wear?: My Peter Pan watch.
Do you have any tattoos?: Nope.
Do you have any piercings?: Just my ears.

*All about your friends.....
How many people do you actually consider TRUE friends: Two at any given moment.
How many people think u are their friend but secretly u can't stand them?: I don't think any...I speak my mind too much.
How many of your Live Journal friends list do you actually know InRealLife: 11
How many people that have have "friend-ed" u do you really know?: 8
How often do you get comments from people and u have no idea who they are?: Maybe once a month.
Who is your BEST friend?: Ms. Jessica Wagner...duh.
Who is your loudest friend?: Adam
Who is your craziest friend?: Jesse
Who do you call when u really need someone to talk to?: Jessica
Who do you call when u really want to have fun?: Jason
Who do you avoid answering the phone when they call?: Almost everyone.
Who do you have the most in common with?: Not sure really...I have a few things in common with everyone.
Who do you have the least in common with?: Chris
Who do you wonder how you became friends in the first place?: Jake, Jessica, Jesse, Jason...um...anyone who's name starts with a J ;)
How many people from high school do u still talk to?: Three or four.
How many people from middle school do you still talk to?: Three.
From earlier childhood?: Two.

*Social Life......
Where do you like to hang out the most?: Thirsty Whale
Are you usually the designated driver?: I'm ALWAYS the designated driver.
Do you drink?: Not really...that's why I'm the DD
Do you smoke?: Hell no.
Do you do drugs?: *gasp* That's illegal...and that would be a no.
Do you dance at clubs?: I don't dance...period.
Do you talk during movies?: Only if I'm not understanding what's going on.
What is your favorite restaurant?: Honey Bear's fish fry.

Pop Princess: Avril...although I wouldn't call her a princess...
Boy Band: LFO or N'SYNC
Rocker Chick: Avril? *who knows where she really fits*
Rapper?: Eminem
Color?: yellow or orange
Food?: pizza I guess
Drink?: Milk

*Fill in the blanks.....
Beavis and______: Jesse
Run_____: DMC
Do you have a______: pen?
My name is______: Slim Shady
I am______: weird
My favorite band is______: Cake...still.
Can I ______ You: help
______ a tree: I'm
______ Lullibies: Calming
I play the______: clarinet
Pass the______: salt
Kill me______: softly
Do______: you?
I have to______: pee
I feel______: your pain
I______you: love
Jump for______: joy
______ me: Kiss
Love is______: a joke.
To be scared is______: not fun.
I have a______: secret
Tick______: tock
Ass and ______: tits
My job is to______: deal with drunk people.
Kiss______: me.
Blue_____: 's Clues.
Don't let the door______: slam.
Mother and______: Daughter
Siblings______: ? what's that?
Hump______: day.

In more important *?* news...I've found my wallet. There was one day I was transfixed on a differnt coat and I must have thrown it into that coat's pocket instead of the one I'm actually using. So at least it's found. Bad news is I still have to wait the 10 days or whatever for a new check card since I told them to go ahead and cancel my old one.

I've figured out bowling alley guy's name and age. My mother actually helped me out on that one inadvertantly. But yeah...bowling alley guy convinced me to sign up for "summer fun league." I told him I'd only do it if I got on his team since I wouldn't know anyone else and he said he could arrange that ;) So every Sunday or Monday for like two month I get to bowl with bowling alley guy. Go me!!

And that's really about it. More later I guess.


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May. 3rd, 2004 05:30 pm (UTC)
:) I enjoyed reading that survey. I didn't know that your name was Amanda... YEEEHA for Amanda's! We rule the world! : )

May. 3rd, 2004 06:06 pm (UTC)
Amanda's do rule the world. Someday one of us will be President!!!
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