Girly Pants (theater_chica) wrote,
Girly Pants

Holy oh no!! Bowling alley guy shaved off his facial hair!! He's not nearly as cute now. Looks kinda like Chris Rhyner now!! *goes off in a corner and sobs for nearly an hour* But he's still pretty hot in a weird sort of way. I simply MUST find out his status. Maybe I could con someone into doing it for me. Anyone want to go bowling? In happier news, I bowling a 123 and 142. Bowling alley guy said his average is about that means I'm getting better. I think it was more luck today though...I usually get about 100 give or take a few. Also the fun league is probably going to be on Sundays...which means I can for sure go:) Yay!! So yeah...this is my new mission. Wish me luck :P
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