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Oh what a flippin week...

Um....I have NO CLUE where to start about this week. I guess work is as good as any...right?
We had a group of golfers at the hotel this week. Fun times. Some of them checked in on Thursday four of them and they were pretty fun. Not much exciting happened. Friday the rest of them got there and oh my gods. They definately know how to party. So I helped Sandie with cleaning the bar and everything and two of them stayed up until about 3:30 talking and "hastling" me. I figured once they went to bed that that was that and I could finish up all my bookwork and stuff. Well 4:30 rolls around and this guy stumbles in from the parking lot saying he can't find his car and his keys are locked in it. He says his car was in the lot and that it's not there and he doesn't have his keys. Now this guy isn't wearing a shirt...which isn't that unusual...there's guys wandering all over Minocqua shirtless if they've had enough to drink. *I should clarify...this wasn't really a GUY...more like some random old dude* So I tell him there isn't much I can do other than call the police department and they might be able to help him find his car. He says no that he'll go look again in the lot. So I go back to the office...

*ten minutes later*
*ding...that would be the bell at the desk*

He can't find his car. So I call the cops. As we get further into the conversation the officer that answered the phone asks to speak to the I give him the phone. The guys says to the officer "I'm at the New Concord Inn and I don't have my clothes and I don't have a car." *double take* NO CLOTHES??? desk is tall...and I really can't see below elbow level on most people. So I *glance* and THANKS GOD dude has his skivies on. But that's IT. So he hands the phone back and they say that someone is one their way and to just keep him there. So I'm talking to dude and he FINALLY mentions he has a room here. So I ask his last name thinking I can just give him a key *I thought he meant his car keys before* and that's that. Well I can't find this guy in our system. Then he says he's with the golf bunch. *light bulb going off* He has a roommate and his room is under his name. So I've just about got this solved and in walk the police. We call the guy that organizes the event...he varifies that yes that's dude's room...and the cops take dude up to his room. Oh...did I mention dude thought he was in La Crosse? That's like three hours from here. Turns out dude was sleepwalking. Funny side note...

Cop 1: Maybe you should escort him up to his room.
Cop 2: Why don't YOU do it?

I thought that was great. And both cops were ohhhhh so studdly.

Anyhow...I just went by the hotel last night...for reasons we will delve into later...and all the guys are at the bar. They all greet me *for now I've become somewhat of a celebrity* and I go over to say hi to Sandie and everyone...since I have the night off and I can actually relax and wish them all a safe trip home and all. Well I help Sandie with some garbage since she was absolutely swamped *our bar holds about 14 comfortably and there was at least 35 golfers there* and hung out a little bit just chatting with some of them. Golf balls and ice were being thrown, trophies were being shown off *I later learn these are trophies for the WORST scores* and blah blah blah. I'm basically STILL getting hastled about the underwear incident...and then someone grabs my arm and starts dragging me off. I was like "time out where are you taking me???" and I was told Murtaughs. So I go. What the hell?...why not??? So I get halfway there and realize my I.D. is in my car so I run back to get it. Run into Darrin at Landmark. Talk awhile. Get to Murtaugh's. HAVE AN ABSOLUTE FUCKING BLAST. The best time I've had in probably a year. One guy...the dragger...hereafter called Dave...payed more attention to me than Jesse's payed in MONTHS. There was a great band there...danced a bit...just talked laughed and had a great time. Went back to the hotel at bar close and sat and joked around until five this morning. I stayed and helped Sandie clean and cleaned the lounge since Tammie had nothing to do with the huge mess that was made and I felt bad. But here's the beutiful news.

Dave has a room in his house he's willing to rent. No romantic connotations whatsoever. It's about a block from the capitol, view of the lake...yadda yadda yadda. So I might be going down next weekend to take a look...depends on a bunch of factors. But maybe I'll finally be able to get out of fucking Minocqua Wisconsin. *sigh* We'll see.

But yeah...the whole reason I went into work was to see if the golfers were there. Jesse found out about BoFN *which I knew he would...I practicely set it up...he had a friend up from Madison and I told them knowing they would more than likely tell Jesse* and he got thoroughly pissed *can't take his own medicine* and told me to stay here *mum's* I told him I needed clothes and food so I ran over there and got them and then went to the hotel. Damnit...I have not gotten to truely flirt and have fun for a long fucking time *almost three years really since I went from one boyfriend to another every year* and I wanted to have fun. And damnit...I did.

It's werid. I thought when this finally happened I'd be really upset and teary like last year about this time but I'm not at all. If anything I'm relieved and feel like all this weight I was carrying around is gone. I have so much less to worry about now. It's a great feeling. I'm bummed that Jesse and I probably have no chance in hell of remaining friends...but hey...sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles...right? And granted...I WAS he has every right...still it's ironic that I forgave him numerous times for the same offense. But like I said...things are better now I'm almost sure. We're just not compatible. It's not that he's a BAD person...he's just TOO different than me. End of story.

And now I'm sick of typing. So I'm going to stop. :)
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