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What next?

Soooooo...mum and Perry are still on the divorce road it seems. At least mum is...I don't think Perry is totally getting it yet, but most boys don't seem to. Mike is for sure gotten it I guess...at least he's not hanging on me all the time anymore which is a bonus. Dad's got an appointment with a realator down in Decatur this weekend so that's a go for now. I'm hoping I convince him to give me the puppy but I doubt if I will. He's got the cat too....but i don't think that would work considering that our two current cats and him probably wouldn't get along. It would be like trying to make three crotchety old men live in the same house. Good luck!!! So yeah...my life has basically been spent sitting in my room crying and atttempting homework. Not much homework has gotten done needless to say...

So yeah, everything else I've been trying to block out. I can only deal with so much and then I'm afraid I'm going to slip back into the whole "I want to kill myself" mode, which considering the circumstances would not be good. But right now I'm at school and should probably take advantage of the fact that I can get some studying done. I've got five units to get done in Anthropology and a few more in Ethics, three articles to read for Social Problems and I'm thinking about redoing my Creative Writing because, well it basically sucks to put it mildly. So yeah...busy busy busy. Mum's doing a mental health fair at the school on Wednesday so I'm going to go with her and pick up all the freebies...after all I am a college student and freebies are important. But I'm rambling about nothing important now, and therefor I think it's time for me to take my leave. Until I sit down and do some thinking don't expect much from my updates:P


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Oct. 7th, 2002 03:59 pm (UTC)
things suck. i can't believe we haven't figured out this is the way life is yet :P damn optimism LOL :D
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