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Freaked Out

I'm begining to hate dreaming. I'm having "robbed at gunpoint" dreams now.

I went to sleep and was working at the hotel. These three Indian *as in being from India* men checked in and had been there for several nights. *The weird thing is there are some Indian people that stay at the hotel but I have no fear of them what-so-ever* After awhile I was in the conference room with Glenn *the bartender* and one of them got in there and stuck a gun at him and told him to get the money he had out of the bar. For some reason they didn't notice me so I went back into the office and started getting together all the money I had because I knew they would be after me next. After awhile one of them did come up and get the money from me. After that I was in this hotel with my mum and Perry and the FBI was there asking me questions. They left and this girl named Emily *who looked a little like Lindsay Lohan* came over and introduced herself as the new neighbor. She could speak Vietnamese. I told her I thought she was really cool but that I just didn't feel like hanging out right then. We exchanged phone numbers. As she was leaving Perry asked her to say something in Vietnamese and all I remember is the word Troy. *Troy was one of our guests recently as well* Then was she was leaving Perry called her the wrong name and I corrected him and he said I mean Emily and she said "yeah I got that." He had two boxes of wrappers that you roll up coins with and was wrapping coins for the addmission where I work that night. *not sure what was going on there but that's how I remember it* OH...while Emily was there I noticed the FBI raiding a room *it was more like little cottages at this hotel* next to ours. Then two of the men came out in handcuffs. I see them try a few more rooms but I don't remember them ever getting the third guy. Anyhow...so after Emily leaves, I tell mum and Perry I'm scared to go into work that night. I'm laying by the floor and there is a French door next to me. Then I ask what's happening to the two men they did get. I find out the were let out on bail and I get really scared that they are going to come after me. Then I look out the French door and see the one guy holding the gun right at me. And then I woke up.

What a nice start to the day, no?

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