Girly Pants (theater_chica) wrote,
Girly Pants

To all those people who are blaming the results of this election on Kerry and now calling HIM a low life idiot while complaining that he let us down:

What you are saying is making me sick. Yes, there are points of his campaign that could have went better, but no one is going to run a perfect campaign. We knew going into this that it was a close election, we knew that there were millions of Bush supporters.

Don't complain that you gave your "heart and soul" to him and he let you down. HE did not let you down. The voters of America let you down. The people that continue to think their vote doesn't matter let you down. The people who walked away from the polls because the line was too long or it was raining or they were going to be late for work let you down. John Kerry did a very respectable thing by not letting this election drag on and not spending tax payers money to contest results that, quite frankly, spoke for themselves.

At least Bush won this election with both the popular vote and the electorial vote. He didn't "steal" this one. *Although I still have my doubts with the allegations of voter fraud and heckeling at the polls and so forth.* I refuse to give up on the ideals that I believe in. I refuse to say that Kerry let me down. Yes, he lost the election...but he feels just as shitty about it as the rest of us. More. But by not only having the country split, but now splitting our party, what good do you think is going to come of it? How is supporting your canidate one day and then totally bashing him the next any different than what you're saying he did to you?

Please accept my appologies for grammatical and spelling errors. I'm tired and I just don't feel like fixing it. It's a more of a free form writing anyhow.

Everyone who's turning their back and giving up: you make me sick.
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