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I know that I haven't been updating very much. I guess I just haven't felt inspired.

Happy VERY belated birthday absolutsublime1 Sorry I haven't been around to give you that on time :(

In other news work is totally pissing me off. Our credit card machine got accidently cancelled when my incompetent manager cancelled...hold on...the Lakeview's. The Lakeview was our sister motel down the road owned by the same people as this one that they sold and is now getting ripped down to make room for condos. So now we have to do every card by hand. But here's the really great part. We aren't registered with a clearing house since we do everything online. So we have to hold all these charges untill we get reconnected *which will be in seven to ten days* and then run them all by hand through the machine. That's going to take at lease two hours and guess who's job it's probably going to be. You guessed it...mine. Because after all about the only thing I'm good for is fixing everyone else's mistakes...right? Hold on...so yeah...yippee.

Now...there's a reason for these hold on's. I'm doing this to demonstrate a point. You see...our phone system here is fucked up. Every two minutes from 4:00 AM to 9:30 AM our phone rings every two to three minutes. So you see...every two to three minutes I have to stop whatever it is I'm doing and answer it. Because I don't know if it's this "phantom" phone call or a real call. And even if I did...I'd still have to go pick it up because it would drive me nuts if I didn't. So yeah...that's been going on for the last four days *thankfully I missed the first day.* I hold on....I can't remember what I was going to say. :(

And to top all this shitty ass shit off...it's hunting week. That means we have a hotel full of killers. *and no...that isn't some sick reference to the six that got shot here earlier this week* THAT means I have to have breakfast done by four. Which is probably a good thing since that's when the phone starts up. If I had to do breakfast durning that I'd really loose it.

Uh...other than that not much is happening. I'm going to sleep Turkey Day away, so all of you who are having a feast please have an extra couple bites for me. If you all do that I figure I'll get about a meal's worth in. Mum and I might do a bru...hold on...ch in there somewhere. *see how annoying this is?*

I'm going to see my dad next Monday-Saturday, maybe Friday. I asked for Monday - Friday off thinking my boss would realize the point behind that is to have my weekends as well so I'd actually be able to visit my dad. I learned an important lesson...assume nothing. I have to work 11/28 and 12/-04 hold on...so I'm going to have about two days down there. I'm working all night Sunday...driving eight hours after that Monday to get down there so I'm just going to want to crash...that gives me Tuesday, Wedsnesday, Thursday and if I don't leave Friday Friday, otherwise I'll drive all day Saturday and then work all night. Probably not a great plan but I really don't want to spend $200.00 on a trip and then only get three days. After all, I haven't seen my dad in over a year.

I can't remember if I mentioned here that I finally went and visited my Grandma. It was fun I guess...but not something I really want to do alot. She has a way of making me feel really shitty about the way my life has went. Which I have a hold on...hard enough time with as it is. I'm glad there's a phone back here on Barb's desk. Otherwise I'd have to run and jump up every time. *sigh*

My OTHER Grandma had a birthday a couple weeks ago. She was so sick she really coudln't do much of anything. We went over there with some KFC *her favorite* and stayed for about an hour. Oh well.

Mum and I went bowling again last week. BAG quit at the bowling alley...so I guess I can't really call him BAG anymore...but I will anyhow. We got the 411 and he works at Riverstone resturant so we're thinking over going over there some night for dinner...hold on. Anyhow...found that out quite some time ago. We actually bowled here in Minocqua and I ended up with 141, 112, and 144. Not too shabby compared to my norm.

Anyhow...I'm going to stop babbling. I'm sure they'll be more later. Laters.

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