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So in just a few short hours I'll be driving down to see my dad in IL. It's the first time I'll have seen him since I basically just packed up and left two Augusts ago. The whole grandma thing went alright so I guess I'll just have to hope that this does too. Otherwise I can always just get in my car and drive to Madison or something.

Went to Jesse's mum's for a turkey dinner on Saturday. It was cool. Zac came with and Chach showed up...but had to leave right away to go to his girlfriend's grandpa's funeral. What a great Thanksgiving. "I'm thankful that grandpa's dead." :( Anyhow...Anna cut about four or five inches off my hair and layered it. It's cute but it's still got that annoying curl in it:( I guess I can just keep chopping a bit and growing it out untill it's all chopped out.

I thought the phone thing had cleared up Saturday morning. Not a one "phantom" call. But I guess it started at 10:30 Saturday night...stopped around 1:30 and then started as schuduled at 4:02 again:( And it's going on today too. Without the hunters here I'm just ignoring it for the most past because there isn't anyone in the lobby to give me dirty looks about not answering the phone. Yip yip. I've got seven days off...count if they don't have it fixed by then I'm going to lose it. But not before I collect on my Christmasytime bonus. You bet I'm going to get that extra damn check if it kills me.

So work in an hour and twenty minutes. Go home and sleep for maybe an hour and a half. Then it's off to the highway I go. I just hope my damn car doesn't blow up. I's a nice car...from a dealership and everything...and only a 2001...but cars and I just have bad luck on trips like this. Usually it's on the way home though. Tammie is SUCH a doll and is going to work that damn Saturday that I got stuck with so I'll have a nice extended visit and won't be presured to drive home and work all in the same day/night. So if it DOES blow up it will be alright because I'm thinking I'm going to drive home Saturday during the midday/evening and then I'll have a whole night off back home too.

Okay...enough rambling. My life has gotten really boring since I turned over a new leaf and decided to try and improve my image. But at least it's less stressful and I feel better about myself. Not as attractive, but better.

And that concludes this session of the boring life of Amanda J. Keck.
Thanks for tuning in and have a great day.
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