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Sorry I haven't been staying up to date. I arrived back in Minocqua on Monday after visiting with my dad. Long assed drive. I stopped in Madison and went to Noodles *yummy* with Jess and then to the mall...where I proceeded to spend entirely too much money. I got the first three Lemony Snicket books, Falling Up by Shel Silverstein, a pair of white pants, a pair of pink cords, a pink hoodie sweater, a purse, aromatherapy bubble bath, lotion, and pillow spray, two shirts for Jesse, and four antibacterial liquid hand soaps. I went shopping in Decatur and got two kinds of hot sauce for Perry, America the book for Jesse, and a book dad wanted. So needless to say I really can't spend much more money this month.

Dad's was cool. I miss the kitties and being able to chill. I don't miss dad's cooking, the incredibly loud tv *which is part of the reason I'm hard of hearing*, or the fact that dad drags me to all the "old foggie" hang outs. But despite that...as of March at the soonest and June at the latest I'm going back there to go to schoool. There's a tiny little business school about a half hour from where dad is and it offers court reporting, so I've decided I'm going to try it. If I hate it I'll only be about $2,000 out, which is better than the first go around I had with school. Anyhow...we'll see.

Other than that not much is exciting. I have tomorrow off, but I have to work Saturday so it all evens out. Yip yip. Anyhow...I'm going to stop babbling and take a power nap. I desparetly need it.


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Dec. 8th, 2004 01:22 pm (UTC)
well, dispite hoping your trip down there ended in death and mayhem, i'm glad you've returned safe. Also, i'd like to borrow those Lemony Snicket books sometime (when you're done with each of course).

Well, i gotta go to work now. ta ta
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