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Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Otherwise known as those two guys that are in my Social Problems class. I can never remember which...Richard and Brian. Anyhow...this entry has nothing to do with either of them. Don't ask why they are even in here. Just thought about them all of a sudden.
So anyhow, I just got back from visiting my dad. What a trip. At least I know for sure I get to keep the dog when he moves. He's moving like six blocks away from Milikin U in Decatur, which should be interesting. I can hear it now "Those damn college kids...don't they show any respect any more." Oh well...his stupidity not mine. Anyhow, I guess the EPA is going to test the soil tomorrow *he owned a gas station way back before I was born on the property and the buyers want to make sure its safe* and if that works out the house is sold. I guess it's sort of depressing since that's where I grew up and all. I just sort of figured I'd always be able to go back and visit. Guess not. Oh well, I can always go to grandma's next door. She'll be there forever.
Mike was a total ass today. He came over and basically begged for sex. What a loser. An annoying loser at that. Fuck men. *no offense intended if you're not Mike or some other assholish man*
Ummmm...I'm still behind in classes.
I've decided that there is no such thing as "love" in the traditional sense of the word, and that I'm no material to be in "love" with. Not sure about like yet, but I am sure that I'm great "just friends" material. This concerns me, since I'm going to be a poor struggling actress for the rest of my life. Speaking of which...I got my info packet from AMDA in NYC the other day. I doubt if I'm going to even bother auditions since all those snobs have had years of training, but I'm not sure yet.
Ok...enough rambling. I'm sure I'll come up with something witty or clever to say someday soon. Right now I'm on overload though. Sorry to disappoint.

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