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So...court was pretty uneventful. The best part was listening to some guy make up a story for trying to steal a power drill from ACE Hardware. This lady caught him taking it to his car and asked the man if he had a receipt for it. When he said he didn't she told him he couldn't just take merchandise out of the store and he said he was just looking for his checkbook so he could go back and pay for it. Never mind the fact he was backing out of the parking lot when she finally stopped him or the fact that any reasonable adult knows you don't just take stuff out of a store without paying for it.

Anyhow...I didn't even have to testify. The judge ended up being about a half hour late and so they were running short on time and just had Robert and Barb testify. Lucky me. I lost sleep time but I'm getting a check in the mail for $17 for all my trouble. Can't really complain. More per hour than I make at work so it's all good.

Turns out directTV systems are plugged into your phone lines and make a call out each day to download programming information and stuff. Well also turns out whatever dumbass installed his preprogrammed it with the 356 area code. Which, in all fairness, is our area code. But the thing is there isn't a local dial in number so it dials to an 800 number. All fine and good until you realize that the number here at work is 356-1800 and well...with the area code programmed in that's what it dials. And when it doesn't get the answer it wants it KEEPS dialing. Bummer for us. The man was very appolegetic and well mannered. I sorta felt bad for him since he really had no control over the matter.

Hmmm...in other news...it's really warm here lately. Like above freezing. Maybe some of the drunken snowmobilers will go home then. I'm sick of dealing with them here at the hotel.

I've gotten all my stuff together to mail off to school. Now it's just a matter of waiting until payday so I can mail out the check. I'm offically broke. I've got like six bucks in my checking account and maybe $30 in cash. Bleh...I hate that feeling. Plus I owe my mum for this months car payment and the internet bill still hasn't come yet. Bleh.

Not much else...life's been pretty boring. Laters y'all.

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