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Hmmm...I suppose I should update.

Valentine's Day was alright. I got flowers *roses even* yay!! They smell really really nice too.

Dan and I went to Joe's Pasty Shop for dinner. We both didn't want to do the whole big fussy Valentine's Day romantic thing. And Joe's makes yummy pasties. So we both got full for under $10 bucks...plus we had the "dinning room" to ourselves. *Joe has two picnic tables out on the front porch that you can eat at. It was surprisingly pleasent.* Then we went to see Hitch. Very cute. Not spectacular...but cute. And how can you go wrong with a gorgeous man like Will Smith in the mix? That's right...you can't.

Oh...plus I got some this morning...so I'm all happy. Yeehaw.

I guess Jesse's trip to Madison didn't go so hot. His friend wasn't home. His sister wasn't home. He got a ticket on the way back and ran out of gas. *and if any of you that actually know him goad him about this I will kill you because this is the ONLY place you would have found out and he'll know and I'll get yelled at and I'm sick of getting yelled at* I feel bad for him but not *too* bad. I mean after all he should have called Brian before he left to see if he would be home, he shouldn't have been driving like a dumbass, and well...he should have checked his gas gage I guess.

So yeah...that's about all that's going on I guess.

So drunken guy practically was raping me at the hotel on Friday night...and then got all offended when I told him to get his hands off me I felt like I was getting raped. I mean...he was fricken trying to take my damn shirt off. I'll give hugs and shit but when you start trying to disrobe me I have to draw the line. His group stays here all the time and I have a feeling they won't be anymore. Not that I care. For all I care I *hope* they don't come back. I'm sick of the drunks hitting on me personally.

Uh...more later I guess.

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