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Call me weird...but I love just being naked. I wish it was acceptable to be naked all the time...but it's not. So I've been taken advantage of my three day weekend and I've spent the majority of it naked. Yeah nakedness!!!

Dan and I saw the Ring 2 in Wausau yesterday. Technically Weston I guess...anyhow I was sorta disappointed. I thought the ending absolutely sucked ass. It would have been so much better had the ended the damn thing when she fell off the cliff. Plus they tried to make it out like Samara was gone and they wouldn't get bothered...but someone's going to come knocking on their door to find out why there's a dead nurse at the hospital and the kid escaped...and why there's a dead guy with his face all twisted up outside their house in their driveway. And why his coat is IN their house. Oh well...not every movie is perfect I guess.

So I finally got up the guts to call yourmombitesass back. I don't think I could go out on the town with her...she's absolutely gorgeous. But I've decided if she does get the message and calls back I'm going to do it. I need to get out with someone that can have a good time and she seems cool...so yeah.

Other than that everythings okay. Dan's kids are royally pissing me off. It's a combination of Dan's kids and Dan's parenting style. Or lack thereof. They're spoiled little brats who don't have an OUNCE of respect. I told him yesterday if he doesn't start doing soemthing about it I'm no longer going to come over here on weekends. I can't deal with that shit out of a teenager...much less a seven and four year old.


Mar. 21st, 2005 11:48 pm (UTC)
Naked huh? Well maybe a career in art posing is in your near future?

So who is this girl..? I looked at her journal, she seems cool. Well it's friends only but she has alot of the same interests I have. That means she must be cool :P

Kids = death.

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