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Hokay...so...here is de Earth...ROUND!

Anyways...I've had that in my head for awhile now.

Not much going on. This crazy guy I know wants to go on a road trip. Not with me persay *I'm hurt* but just a road trip. I vote east...if my vote matters. His name's Neil and he's nuts. Bona fide nuts. But nuts is cool...so it's okay. I miss him. He used to be on yahoo messenger all the time...but then he moved because of his job and now he's NEVER online. *boo hiss* I've been reduced to emailing him at his place of employment...then lamenting all day waiting for a responce the next night. Plus there's periods of four or five days with no contact at all!!! Now my faithful readers know that this just won't do!! Once I am addicted to something I need my fix!! It's like crack...only without the bad side effects *and even a few good ones* So Neil...if you're reading this I just want you to know I sit here at work pining away...then go home and pine somemore. It's hard!! *sniffle*

(How was that...was that good?)

Okay...now um...as for what's going on in my life. Nothing. Nada. Zip. It's pretty boring in these parts. I'm still waiting for financial aid papers from Sparks. So until that gets here apartment hunting is at a standstill. Uhhh...Jesse and I are getting along pretty well. I'm trying to deal with things the only way I know how. That used to be anger and saying immature stuff just to press buttons but lately it's been sleeping. I need to get more sleep anyhow so I might as well deal with stress in that manner. Dan hasn't been driving me quite as nuts in the last few days. I think he's doing something to deal with stress too. *maybe? who knows?* Uh...

That's all folks!

*I miss you Neil!!! Where are you????*

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