Girly Pants (theater_chica) wrote,
Girly Pants

I know I haven't been updating. *Seems like I start every entry like that.* I just wanted to share this tidbit from Neil's latest email. It's one of those things that needs to be remembered.

I just had one of those conversations that would make your head hurt. I was looking on the internet for pictures of Plesiosaurs... y'know, the long necked sea creature of long ago... And one of our Techs is like, "Yeah, if you believe in that sort of thing..."
"Believe in what, dinosaurs?"-Me
"Whats there not to believe? We have bones, whole skeletons, skin, droppings, eggs with babies, um.....the list goes on."-Me
"Don't you believe in creation?"
"Um, well, its not really a question if I believe in creation."-Me
"Maybe God placed them there."
"God placed a bunch of bones in the Earth? Doesn't he have better things to do?"-Me
"Have you ever seen a live dinosaur?"
"No, but I've seen enough dead ones."-Me
"God works in mysterious ways."
"I am no longer continuing this conversation in a place of work."-Me

Now I will fully admit I used to go to church every Sunday AND Wednesday, but it wasn't because I truly believed what was being taught. It was more because a lot of my friends did and it was something to do with them. It's not that I'm anit-religion or that I think these people are just boggles me sometimes. I think it's great they find something in it...I just...don't. I'm a firm beliver in the concrete and to me science is concrete. I just can't throw my faith into something that just isn't THERE. Anyhow...I might edit this later and expand on it but right now I have to go set out the breakfast here at work.

Laters Gaters.
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