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I'm so terrible with updating lately. It just seems as though there's nothing to say. I've been sleeping in the boathouse lately. It's really nice until some stupid teenage kids in a speedboat blast by *we live on a channel between two lakes on a chain of lakes and it's a no wake zone...so this really shouldn't be happening* and start rocking the sailboat and it starts clunking against the dock. That and they house they are building down the road causes for noise...but that would happen in the house too. It's stuff like that that makes me not want to do the night shift anymore. Then I remember I'm getting paid to sit here and update:) So I guess it all works out in the end.

Jesse, Zac and I went to Solem's for dinner a couple nights ago. It was pretty cool. I really enjoy hanging out and being one of the boys. I guess having a few friends who are girls would be alright...but really I just perfer the company of the oppisite sex. Always have come to think of it. I've always been quite the tomboy.

I think I'm getting sick from Roundy's lemonade mix. The last couple times I've felt nauseated I realize I drank a glass of that. Perhaps it's time to go get some kool aid to use as a mixer. It's not the sauce since I only have one drink...if that. I really am not a big fan of drinking unless it tastes good to me...which most drinks do not. Plus the only times I've felt sick were when I drank the lemonade without anything in it. Weird...I know.

Anyhow...that's about all the "news" I can fake up tonight. My life really is pretty damn boring.

Oh...I'm shelling out the $150.00 for a permanent account. Call me crazy but it just seems easier to me than trying to remember to renew all the time...plus I'll have all the features and won't have to worry about upgrades anymore. yay!!!

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