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Financial Aid and a post about posts

So...I got an email back a few days ago from Sparks. I'll be getting the "maximum reward amount" which is $6625 I believe. School runs about $8000 by the time you get books and machine rental and such into the mix...so that leaves me with that much more to come up with. I'm not really worried about the difference in tuition...but I am really worried about rent and phone bills. I figure total costs are going to be about $2000 more than what I make in a year now. I'm guessing I won't be able to find a job with quite the salary I have now...plus I was really hoping to only work 30-35 hours a week instead of 40. Eight to two five days a week for school plus 40 hours *or more* a week for work is really too much. But I'll find a way. Even if I have to stay with dad for the first year...I'll find a way. I'm NOT staying here any longer than I just HAVE to...I'm determined.

So...I've decided I need to write more about topic that are current in the world and US...not just with me. That being said...here's my "top 10" list of things to write about... *this is how I keep it all about me and procrastinate at the same time you see*

1. Politics
2. the War
3. 9/11 *still...it's that ridiculous?*
4. Current television programing
5. wealth distribution in the US
6. health care
7. sports *but only if it's REALLY important or relating to the Packers or Cardinals*
8. the beauty myth
9. weird news
10. local happenings

So there you go. I'm going to make it a goal to at least touch on one of those topics every time I write...even if it is just a sentence or so. It hopefully will help me remember what's been going on in the world when I'm old and gray.

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