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Naked biking???

So...in being consistant with the whole "bettering my journal" task...today's weird and wacky news story is *drumroll please* Naked Biking.

According to the Associated Press hundreds of naked people biked around London to protest the lack of bike lanes and to promote transportation that doesn't use gasoline. read the whole story

I guess this is a good idea...but is it really effective? I mean...yeah I guess I would take a second look at a bunch of naked people biking past my office building...but I'm not sure if that's going to be enough for me to pull out my bike and start biking to work in the morning. If anything I guess it raised awareness and that's always a good thing. And saving our environment and being conscience of how much fuel we use is a good thing...so all in all I hope they made some sort of an impression on the powers that be.

I must also say that I have a VERY clever status message up on AIM right now. Don't know how long this thing will stay online once I leave...but I'm proud of myself. *I know it doesn't take much :)*

I'm off to grannie's with the poopy now. *aka...the dog* Maybe something exciting worth writing about will happen when I'm gone...but I doubt it.

Laters Taters.


Jun. 17th, 2005 05:54 am (UTC)
Go figure eh?

So are you Jessica's Brett or are you some other random Brett from Madison;)

And hi and stuff yourself:)

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