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Land Air and Sea

Okay...so I know I was going to make an effort to try and take the focus off me...but today was just too good of a day to try to better my journal now...so be warned...it's all about me!

I got off work at seven...usual time...and came home. I knew that Jesse had plans to take some airel shots for a website he's doing and he had asked if I wanted to go along...and I figured I'd be too tired. However Brian was here from Madison and he was going too and so I figured I didn't want the plane to be unbalenced *hahaha* since it only seats four so I decided to go along. I'm really glad that I did. I'll post a link to some of the pictures we got later. We were about for just a little under an hour and it was so great!! I haven't flown in so long and I really missed it. Brian was getting queezy so we couldn't kill the engine :( I was really hoping for that but I think I'm gonna splurge the money and go up in the fall and do some turns and stuff. Can't wait!!

Then we drove out to Dorothy and went swimming. Well they went swimming and I dog paddled around. I don't like swimming. But it was cool.

Then we went boating. Everyone went wakeboarding and waterskiing but me and Kelly. It was fun watching them though:P Both Jesse and Adam got up on skis and the other two wakeboarded a bit.

Yippee for a rockin' day!!!


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Jun. 20th, 2005 08:52 am (UTC)
Airplanes are cool! Can't wait to see the pictures.
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