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I have so many little things I always seem to want to add here throughout the day. Then I get to sit down for a second and I never remember them. Go figure. I should start carrying a little notebook around or something to write them down in.

My job pissed me off on Wednesday morning. I've had a fear that they were going to hire someone to replace me way to early and I would be out of a job way before the date I told them would be my last day. Well Tuesday and Wednesday I was scheduled to train the new lady that they hired. She tells me they told her during her interview she should be prepared to start full time July 25th. I gave my notice with a date of August 31st. So that's quite a difference considering I'm living paycheck to paycheck and trying to put back spare money for the move. So Wednesday morning Barb calls me in and asks if I would mind sharing my hours for a few weeks with Miriam and then having my last day be the first or second week of August. I keep my cool and say that yes this would cause some problems. I eventually decided to leave August 5th...get paid for my four days vacation while going down to IL to house hunt...and if nothing turns up I can get into right away to come back up here and work for my stepdad until school starts in early Sept. It's about the only thing I can do since I feel very slighted here at work. And the thing that REALLY pisses me off is Barb made it sound like it would be this huge hardship if I left before Harley Fest in I rearanged the orginal plan *which was to leave the end of July* so she wouldn't be so stressed. Last time I ever try to do anything nice for an employer.

Relationship front is still gross. It's hard not settling and finding someone worthwhile of my time. I'm not going to focus on that aspect of my life now though. Right now school and career are #1...and will be for a few years.

Aggg...I had a really good post and it's gone now. I've got to get back to work anyhow.

Keep posting's my sanity.
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