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Chicago...ect. *or is it etc.?*

Last weekend was fun fun fun. My last night of work was offically on Friday...although I'm going back the 15th to work a day shift for Barb so she can have a day off now that Robert quit. Met some excellent people on Friday night that invited me to go out with them Saturday. I...of course...did so. We spent time on their boat...they waterskied *is this becoming a theme with me or what??* and I got some sun. Went out to the bars *haven't done that in AGES...like since last year golf guys* and I drank till I was tipsy. *also haven't done in ages...like since the Rhyner/Jesse/Ashley thing* Anyhow...one of them *the one who offically invited me* turns out to be pretty cool...and get this...flippin' single!!! *shrugs* Nothing's going to come of it I'm sure...even with the move it puts me three and a half hours away...but it's nice to know there are single men out there who find me attractive. After finding out M-guy is not only in a long term relationship...but ENGAGED...my hopes were starting to fade. Not that I had hopes for him...but dang. If I only attract the married/engaged guys it's not looking good for me.

Some chick named Lynn from Three Lakes actually knew them all and ended up meeting us downtown. She thought Dave and I were married. I thought that was cute. I've known the guy for less than 24 hours and we look married. Frightening now that I really stop to think about it.

Anyhow...my vacation starts in about three hours...give or take a bit. Man...it's going to be nice to get out of dodge. Not so nice because I don't have a ton of money...although I got some help tonight. *thanks...you know who you are ;-)* Still...I feel poor. I'm trying to save up about $100 to leave on the off chance I go home through Chicago. After him spending probably $60 easily on me on Saturday if I do go up there I really don't want him spending more. Just a matter of principle.

But yeah...I'm just waiting for laundry to finish...then I'm hitting the shower and then napping for a few hours and then I'm off...whoot!!

Till I get to a computer...

Girly Pants.


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Aug. 2nd, 2005 11:27 am (UTC)
Dude, it's etc.

I hope you have a good vacation. You know, in three weeks I'll be spending a shit ton of time up at the cabin, so it would be super easy for me to take off and visit you for a night. or vice versa. Interested?
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