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would be very welcome right now if I wasn't so fucking determined to stay positive through this major transition in my life.

I'm sick of being where I'm at. Things are finally looking up and predictable I come back to Minocqua and everything makes me want to shoot myself in the foot if not the heart. I HATE this lifestyle and I'm thanking the powers that be that there are at most two more weeks of it. Looks like I probably have a place. Might have a shit assed job. I'm going to turn in more applications at Effingham when I go back down in hopes that I can snag full time with at least $7.25 an hour. Yeah right. Well if the position at the Comfort Suites opens up it will be damn close. It's just a matter of it opening up. *grumble*

Life will be good once I move. I think. Probably not. I'll be too tired to do anything. At least I'll lose weight because I won't have time to eat. *good grief*

I just want to dissappear right now. Encouragement needed. Apply within.

Laters taters.


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Aug. 15th, 2005 07:14 am (UTC)
Keep your head up :)
Aug. 15th, 2005 08:54 am (UTC)
The anticpation of leaving should keep the days moving by. After all, two weeks is hardly anytime at all. And you'll be gone before anyone knows. I'll miss ya a bit, so try to come on the various msgers when you can. You'll prolly have a connection where ever you go.

Stop in and get some movies to help pass your day. Stop in late for best service ;)

When you get there you'll find a whole new world of people to start fresh with. You can be exactly what you want to be. People will only know you as you project yourself. Kinda cool if you ask me. Sometimes I'd like to become whoever I want to be in someplace where no one knows me. A nice clean slate.

Try to atleast behave a little ;)
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