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Girly Pants

August stuff.

Gads I'm so tired by the time I get on this damn computer the last thing I want to do is update what's going on.

Not sure if I really got into detail about my vacation at the begining of the month or not...if I did just skip all this. I left and went down to Madison to meet inspirational man *from now on referred to as J because I'm sick of describing him and don't want to use names here* for lunch. We went to Noodles and just basically sat around and caught up with each other a little bit. Didn't even really flirt with one another. Which was okay with me since my whole mission was to prove I could be friends with someone and didn't need anything more...considering he is engaged and all. I was shocked he even offered to meet up for lunch seeing as how he seemed a bit uncomfortable after our first in person encounter ended and so forth. But yes...lunch was had and he extended the offer to do something after he got off work if I didn't already have anything else planned.
Now mind you, the idea was to meet up with Jessica after lunch to catch up, but since she started her new jobby thing she wasn't availible, so I just went to the mall and hung around Barnes and Noble for quite some time. I have no idea why I didn't just keep on on my journey other than the fact that the temptation of spending more time with J was just more than I could handle. So I called him around 4:30 and he said I could pick him up the same place we met orginally. So I did. He suggested a few things we could do to kill a few hours, and warned me flat out some of them might lead to misbehavior. So what do I do but except the offer that leads to misbehavior? We went to a park *can't remember which one...but it was pretty* with a bunch of trails and walked around and basically just messed around a hell of a lot. I got a few answers to a few questions that were bugging me. I still can't believe how willing he is to cheat. I mean...yay for me but thank god I'm not the one marrying him. And he seemed like such a sincere sweet guy at first. He even told me flat out that if we were ever to do anything more he wouldn't want it to be a one time deal. Well I'm just not ready to be the permenant other we'll see. He might come spend some time at the new pad in Oct...but I'm not holding my breath.

So after Madison I headed down to my dad's in Decatur. Got there about one a.m. and talked with him for a little bit and then went to bed. I got up about 10 the next morning and we went out for breakfast. Not really much exciting here. It's dad's. Blech.

Headed out to Louisville around one and got there about seven. Don't know why it took so long other than I stopped to eat a couple times cause I was starving. Anyhow...once I got there I got a tour of Shaun's place and la la la. We ended up going to 4th Street Live the next night just so I could see it...had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe because it's tradition after the Myrtle Beach trip. Ended up going to the Maker's Mark resturant for dinner a few nights later. NEVER get their havatti beans. Everything else was superb though. Went bowling at Lucky Strike which was fun. I don't bowl well with an entire bowling alley/bar full of people watching me...but it was still fun. *Just to give you an idea how packed the place was there was 15 lanes and we had to wait over an hour for one to become available* We went to Churchill Downs one day and walked through the museum and grounds. That was nifty. Got to stand in the winner's circle and all that jazz. I really want to make time to go down there next May for the Derby. I think it would be a blast. We'll see if I can though.
But the interesting turn of events came on maybe the third or forth day. Like I said when I got back from Myrtle Beach...things just seems a bit tense between us. Sexual tension or something. Anyhow things started getting like that again. *sleeping in the same bed probably doesn't help much* So I broke all rules. We were just play fighting about something or other and I ended up on top of him and I sucked it up and kissed him. I NEVER make the first move. I'm too shy. But I did and it worked out.
He ended up coming to meet mum and I in IN a few days after I left and I took him to Decatur to meet my dad. Dad didn't say much...which is a good thing. This might seem fast to all of you...but you have to realize that I've known him for eight years...ever since my Europe trip. So there's really no getting to know each other time needed...we already know one another. We'll both a bit apprehensive about it since we are still five hours apart *better than the 24 though when I was in WI and he was in NC* We'll just have to see. I'm not holding my breath but I am excited about it.

Anyhow...I'll post more about the mum portion of the trip and the move later. Right now I"m beat and can't stay awake to write anymore.
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