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First day...eep!!!

So, two days into school and I feel like I'm falling behind already. I know that I'm not and I'm definitely not behind the other students, but I still feel like I should be catching on faster in my head. There's probably two or three people at the same level as I am and the rest are a touch slower...but I've always had things just come to me right away and so having to sit there for a couple hours a night to practice getting "He sat a set." out is really frustrating. I think it will do me good though to have to actually work for something instead of things just falling into my lap. I just need to not get too discouraged. That's going to be the key is keeping my spirits up. Stephen's been great already and I'm sure he'll continue to be *if his girlfriend doesn't take up all his time* Just a few minutes for a pep me up talk now and then will help immensely I'm hoping.

The other girls in class were a lot friendlier today it seemed. Maybe everyone was just nervous yesterday being the first day and all. I can't really see many totally lasting friendships coming out of this but at least I get along with most everyone and no one seems like a COMPLETE snob.

Good news is I skipped out of almost all of introductory typing. I'm starting on Lesson 29 so basically I'm going right into formating and all that jazz. I've got a test in just a few days time...so wish me luck with that. I could probably actually do it the beginning of next week if I wanted but I'm going to wait and settle into things before that.

Going to KY and then NC for a wedding this weekend...all that driving is going to suck.

And that's about it. Really my life is pretty grim except for school. The job thing is pissing me off...we'll see about Comfort Suites and if I don't hear from them by the end of the month I'm going to start some MAJOR hunting for at least something part time.

Amanda...signing out kiddos.

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