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I feel so out of the loop. Without TV here I never watch the news anymore and I have no clue what's going on. I suppose I could easily catch up with headlines here on the net but I really miss watching the news as I get ready in the morning. Perhaps cable isn't such a bad idea. But then I get so damn distracted. That's why I'm up at this hour. I was distracted by other things this weekend and so now I'm doing homework. How lame can I be? I really don't even have all that much to do tonight. It's just doing the same thing over and over tends to drive me a bit loony. I can't wait until we know all the letters and combinations on this machine and I can just start transcribing stuff I read and write for practice. Right now it's such a matter of weeding out all the words we can't spell yet that it's stupid to try and practice exercises that aren't in the book.

So how is everyone else's life doing. I apologize for the lack of comments and such in all your journals but I'm so tired and cranky by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is leave comments in journals. I haven't even been keeping up with mine:( I need to work on that.

Okay...I'm back to the books for now. Yay!!

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