Girly Pants (theater_chica) wrote,
Girly Pants

LJ Interests meme results

  1. biking:
    What I used to do for exercise. Now it's in my top 10 things I really need to buy...a bike that is.
  2. civil rights:
    I'm all for equal treatment of people based on abilities and not color of skin or sex or religion or another of the numerous things you could descriminate against.
  3. daria:
    I love the old MTV show Daria. Her sarcastic view of the world totally parallels mine. Plus I kinda look like her. *I've got a picture somewhere...leave a comment if you want to see it.*
  4. evolution:
    I think that something based on science is more believable than something based on "faith." I'm sorry...but I can't believe something just because someone said so. Just the facts ma'am.
  5. human rights:
    See civil rights? Only on a broader scale.
  6. keck observatory:
    My last name is Keck. I have an observatory named after me *well not ME exactly* in Hawaii. I think that's cool.
  7. musical theater:
    I love musical theater. I love to sing and act. I love Into the Woods by the way.
  8. piano:
    I play piano...kinda.
  9. sex:
    Okay...really. Do I NEED to explain that one????
  10. the beatles:
    Not a bad group. A bit over rated...but not too bad. And they have catchy songs. I'm all about catchy songs.

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