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Sep. 28th, 2005

Okay...so the date went pretty well in my humble opinion. We had similar interests, but not so similar as to seem like we were twins, the conversation flowed exquisitely. So why am I so shook up over this? I'm not about to get my hopes up...for there are a few snags.

Snag one being distance. Although it's better than several states away...an hour and a half drive is still quite a bit....especially considering our schedules. He's in an 80's band...which sounds cheesy...and is a bit cheesy...but all the members are surviving on their gigs alone *except for a couple who have day jobs* and they are pretty much booked every weekend...so it can't be too bad of a deal. So with my school and homework commitments and his music commitments...I doubt we'd see much of each other even if anything does come of it.

Two...the age factor. While I was guessing he was probably in his late 20's to early 30's...I had no idea I'd be going on a date with a 37 year old. I'm not TOO shook up over the age...but I have no idea how he feels about it. It is a fairly large age difference.

The sex on the first date factor. Doesn't that automatically make me a slut? Oh well...I hadn't been laid in awhile...I was horny. I took advantage of the situation...sue me. I'm not perfect.

So yeah...he's a hot guy. He's a busy guy. We've got quite a bit in common but just enough not in common to make it interesting. *shrugs* I've heard from him since...but he hasn't mentioned a second date. Probably a bad sign. Time will tell I guess.

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