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Okay...so I'm starting to think I might like this better than LJ.  Time will tell I suppose.

starting to get a little bummed out.  I just can't seem to find my
nitche here.  Back home to was the hotel.  It was a great excuse to
meet people...go out...have fun without being stupid about it.  Amazing
how many people walk into a hotel and are greatful to have a tour guide
for the day.  Plus...it was nice not to have to feel the pressure of
dealing with trying to get together all the time.  These people are
from Chicago...Milwaukee...wherever.  It's like having a one time
date.  No pressure.

So yeah...the one date I've been on that
went alright is not going so alright anymore.  Why are people afraid of
the telephone?  While I've gotten umpteen emails...no phone call. 
After a phone call was promised yesterday even.  I'm giving up hope
that I'm stuck in the friend zone for life.  So...that being said...I
need some friends.

The girls in my class are all married off or
a little overly fake for my liking.  And while I have nothing against
married people...it's hard to befriend them.  The occasional
conversation in class is fine...but when it comes to doing
things...there's always that husband tagging along.  *sigh*

Okay...enough babble.  I'm going back to homework now.  Yip yip.


Oct. 7th, 2005 03:42 am (UTC)
Your mom told me today that you are kinda having some trouble in the new city. I know how it is. I'm still looking for my niche. Well I guess I have a few small ones but. I can imagine. Especially if you're around all married people all day! I'm sorry about that!

How long have you been in IL now?

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